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Nationality: IVORY COAST
DOB: 25.12.1991
Position: Striker
Season Club L Games Goals
2011 Adzopé FC(Ivory Coast) 1
2012 ASC Ouragahio(Ivory Coast) 1    1
2012-2013 AS Denguélé(Ivory Coast) 1    7
2013-2014 AS Denguélé(Ivory Coast) 1

* Yaya Koné is a sharp-shooting striker at AS Denguélé. As Zoumana Koné has left for Hassania d’Agadir, Yaya Koné is now the leading striker at the club. Koné is an intelligent player with tremendous pace and good finishing skills.

Name: ZAGBAYOU, HUGUES EVRAD 169 cm 62 kg
Nationality: IVORY COAST
DOB: 14.05.1990
Position: Attacking midfielder
Season Club L Games Goals
2009 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1    21    0
2010 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1    24    2
2011 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1    17    0
2012 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1    19    1
2012-2013 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1    18    1
2013-2014 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1

* Hugues Evrad Zagbayou is a quality midfielder at ASEC Mimosas. Sébastien Desabre, the former coach of ASEC, has described Zagbayou as a “player who combines strength and technique”. Zagbayou has great vision and wins a lot of ball with his aggressiveness.

Nationality: IVORY COAST
DOB: Unknown
Position: Attacking midfielder / Striker / Winger
Season Club L Games Goals
2008 EFYM(Ivory Coast) 2
2009 EFYM(Ivory Coast) 1
2010 EFYM(Ivory Coast) 2
2011 EFYM(Ivory Coast) 2
2012 EFYM(Ivory Coast) 1
2012-2013 EFYM(Ivory Coast) 1    2
2013-2014 SC Gagnoa(Ivory Coast) 1

* Roméo Zahouo Bi is an intelligent attacking midfielder who left EFYM for the ambitious SC Gagnoa before the current season. The following YouTube-video shows his quality:

Name: ZÉBRÉ, YANN 185 cm 66 kg
Nationality: IVORY COAST
DOB: 25.11.1993
Position: Left-back / Central defender
Season Club L Games Goals
2012 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1    4    0
2012-2013 ASI Abengourou(Ivory Coast) 1    0
2013-2014 ASI Abengourou(Ivory Coast) 1

* Yann Zébré, the athletic left-back / centre-back, is a key player at ASI Abengourou. Zébré failed to break through at ASEC Mimosas, but his steady performances at ASI could lead to a contract with a bigger club. The picture below is of Zébré and was found on



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