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JaraafTraditionally, ASC Diaraf is one of the most powerful clubs in Senegal. The Dakar-based club, also known as “ASC Jaraaf”, has won the Senegalese championship 11 times. ASC Diaraf had a rather disappointing 2013-season, finishing at fourth place, six points behind winners Diambars.

From my point of view, the following are the most interesting players at the club:

* 21-year striker Ibrahima Diop was rather unknown before the season. At the time of writing, after nine league goals, Diop is widely considered as the hottest prospect at ASC Diaraf. According to, Diop was a trialist at French third level side US Boulogne in October. The following video shows Diop scoring a hat-trick against Yeggo on 15.08.2013:

* Another interesting player at ASC Diaraf is midfielder Alioune Badara Tendeng. Tendeng is a product of Zig-Inter FC, traditionally the second club in Ziguinchor, behind Casa Sport. Before the Ligue 1 2011-2012, Tendeng was transferred to Casa Sport. The stint at Casa Sport turned out to be a nightmare, as Tendeng was kept in the cold throughout the season, eventually being released. Somewhat surprising to me, Tendeng won a contract with ASC Diaraf, a powerhouse in Senegalese football. Tendeng has also featured for the Senegal B national football team. The petit midfielder is s a hard-working player with excellent ball-control.  Apparently, Tendeng was also a trialist at US Boulogne in October.

* Fidel Gomis, the petit playmaker, is currently part of the Senegal B national football team. On 31.10.2013, Gomis scored for Senegal B during the 2013 UEMOA tournament. Gomis, a former player of ASC Dahra, is a big fan’s favourite.

* Babacar Seck is a goalscoring left-back who was ever-present this season, scoring an amazing tally of seven goals in 30 matches. Seck is an attacking minded full-back, also effective as a left-winger.

* Idrissa Niang, a 21-year old midfielder who was signed from modest side CSS Richard-Toll, has had a wonderful season, cementing a place in the first eleven.

* The towering centre-back Lamine Bara Ndong, who is only 19 years old, has gotten rave reviews.

* Please note that attacking midfielder / left-winger Pape Macou Sarr has joined French second level side Angers SCO.

Name Position D.O.B. Nat. Matches Goals
CISSÉ, Ibrahima AM 01.01.1985 SEN 17+4 3
DAFFÉ, Mohamed D 04.11.1989 SEN 0+1 0
DIA, Pape Ciré F 19.08.1980 SEN 15+6 1
DIALLO, El Hadji Pape Seye D 27.01.1986 SEN 20 1
DIAW, Mademba SEN 4+2 0
DIOKH, Jean Francois D SEN 1 0
DIOP, Ibrahima F 24.01.1992 SEN 14+6 9
DIOUF, Ibou Sene AM 10.07.1988 SEN 3+4 0
FAYE, Pape Marcelin F 02.01.1989 SEN 1+4 0
GOMIS, Fidel AM 04.04.1991 SEN 20+7 0
GOMIS, Frédéric D 31.12.1985 SEN 4+2 0
GUENOUNE, Abdou Latif F SEN 2+1 1
GUEYE,  Papa Bacary M 13.12.1984 SEN 1 0
GUEYE, Samba D 04.01.1985 SEN 25+1 0
KANTÉ, Matar D 21.01.1989 SEN 20+1 0
KEBE, Baba F 18.03.1987 SEN 9+9 1
NDIAYE, Khadim G 05.04.1985 SEN 21 0
NDONG, Lamine Bara D 12.08.1994 SEN 10 0
NGOM, Maurice M 10.05.1992 SEN 3+11 0
NIANG, Idrissa M 25.02.1992 SEN 25+1 0
SALZMAN, Mohamed G 07.01.1990 SEN 1 0
SARR, Pape Macou AM 25.07.1991 SEN 10+3 2
SECK, Babacar D 05.03.1990 SEN 29+1 7
SIDIBÉ, Djibril M 01.01.1989 SEN 16+8 0
SOW, Alpha Oumar F 12.02.1984 SEN 13+4 3
TALL, Bocar Demba D 15.11.1984 SEN 11 0
TENDENG, Alioune Badara M 07.03.1992 SEN 26+3 1
THIOUB, Cheikh G 20.10.1992 SEN 8+1 0


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  1. I apologize you ‘re mistaken about the year of my birth is 1995 instead of 1985.s’il please changed his

  2. Vous vous êtes trompé sur mon âge c’est pas 85 mais 95, allez vérifier

  3. Désolé vous êtes trompé sur mon âge c 95 aulieu de 85

  4. I would like to get the contact details of Dairaf. I am currently in the United States and have a very talented young football player with both Gambian and Senegalese parentage living in the Gambia who would like to move to Diaraf to play his professional football but could not get a contact. He is one of The most promising offensive midfielders in the Gambia.

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