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Bishop-Onyeudo-Gombe-fcAt the time of writing, Bishop Onyeudo has scored 11 goals during the Nigerian GLO Premier League 2013, placing him at second place at the current top scorer list (Dele Olorundare of Sunshine Stars FC is leading with 12 goals). Onyeudo started the season at Gombe United FC, scoring eight goals, before joining Enyimba FC during the mid-season transfer window. Onyeudo has scored three goals for Enyimba FC, widely considered as the most successful Nigerian football club.

My first record of Onyeudo is from July 2007, when he was playing for the first team of Rangers International FC. Onyeudo was top scorer for Rangers International FC during the Nigeria Premier League 2007-2008, scoring seven league goals throughout the season. In January 2009, Onyeudo was transfer-listed by the Flying Antilopes. During the mid-season transfer window, Onyeudo switched to Enyimba FC, scoring four goals during the second part of the season.

At the time of writing, I have not been able to find out where Onyeudo spent the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 seasons. According to SuperSport, usually a trustworthy source, Onyeudo was in Azerbaijan during 2011, attending trials. It seems likely that he attented trials in other countries as well.

In January 2012, Onyeudo was back in action, playing for modest club Wikki Tourists FC. According to SuperSport, Onyeudo stayed at Wikki Tourists FC for four months, which should imply that he left the club after the first half of the season. The stint in northeast Nigeria was no success and Onyeudo failed to score any goals.

In early 2013, Onyeudo was apparently in Qatar, attending trials. When returning to Nigeria, Onyeudo joined Gombe United FC, becoming an instant success. His clinical finishes made him a transfer target for several bigger clubs, and it was no surprise that he chose to left Gombe, joining his former club Enyimba FC. Onyeudo made his re-debut for Enyimba FC on 07.07.2013 against Rangers International FC, another of his former clubs. At the time of writing, Onyeudo has played four of five matches, making three goals quite impressive.

It’s difficult to say how old Onyeudo is. Based on his CV, I have always assumed he is quite experienced. In April 2013,, a website from Azerbaijan, wrote that Onyeudo is 30 years old:

However; according to MTN Football, Onyeudo is born 12.10.1992. This birthdate would imply that Onyeudo was 14 years old when he played senior football for Rangers International FC back in 2007.

Further, MTN Football has written that Onyeudo is 182 centimeters. Based on a video from YouTube, I would assume he is closer to 190 centimeters, perhaps even taller:

Onyeudo has been described as a lanky striker with pace, strenght and vision. He is one of few natural goalscorers in Nigerian football, and if he is able to maintain his goal scoring rate for the rest of the season, it is likely that his dream of winning a contract abroad will be fulfilled.

The picture of Onyeudo was found on

Nationality: NIGERIA      
DOB: Unknown      
Position: Striker      
Season Club L Games Goals
2007 Rangers International FC(Nigeria) 1    
2007-2008 Rangers International FC(Nigeria) 1      7
2008-2009 Rangers International FC(Nigeria) 1      0
2008-2009 Enyimba FC(Nigeria) 1      4
2009-2010 Unknown      
2010-2011 Unknown      
2012 Wikki Tourists FC(Nigeria) 1      0
2013 Gombe United FC(Nigeria) 1      8
2013 Enyimba FC(Nigeria) 1    

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