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Unfortunately, it’s not very often a 24-year old player in West Africa is transfered to European football. Personally, I think Christian Heumi Kabon of Astres de Douala is a player who deserves a chance, and who would rise to the occation if he won a contract with a mid-level European club.

Christian Heumi Kabon, often just referred to as Christian Heumi, was born on 01.01.1989 in Douala. My first record of the player is from November 2004. The 15-year old Heumi was playing for amateur club Dynamo de Douala and was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team. In 2005, the youngster joined Canon de Yaoundé, historically one of the most powerful clubs in Cameroon. Heumi was sensational during the 2006-season, scoring four league goals. Canon de Yaoundé won silver medals in Heumi’s first season at top level of Cameroonian football. After the season, Heumi returned to Douala and up-and-coming Astres de Douala. Heumi scored three goals during the MTN Elite One 2007. Heumi, described as a teenage sensation in Cameroonian newspapers, had caught the eye of TP Mazembe, the biggest and wealthiest club in DR Congo. Heumi won a lucrative contract with the Lubumbashi-based side and scored one goal during the “Ligue Nationale de Football 2008”, the top level of Congolese football. Unfortunately, Heumi struggled to get playing time for a star-studded side, often choosing experience before youth. After another diffiult season in DR Congo, Heumi returned home, making a comeback for Astres de Douala on 08.11.2009, during Week 3 of the MTN Elite One 2009-2010. Heumi had a great season, wining yet another silver medal. Heumi scored at least two league goals during the season, most likely one or two more. His third silver medal was secured during the MTN Elite One 2010-2011. However, Heumi had a rather mediocre season, often finding himself outside of the starting eleven. Heumi scored one goal during the season.

Heumi performed better during the MTN Elite One 2012, even though Astres de Douala struggled hard, finishing the season as number 10. Heumi scored one goal during the season.

At the time of writing, Heumi is the captain of the league leading Astres de Douala. Heumi is one of the most experienced players at the club, and a role-model for the younger players, for instance striking sensation Yann Junior Abianda. Heumi has scored two goals so far this season.

Heumi has featured for the Cameroon B national football team, the Cameroon U-23 national football team, the Cameroon U-20 national football team and, as already mentioned, the Cameroon U-17 national football team. From my point of view, this makes him even more interesting, as it clearly shows that the Fédération Camerounaise de Football has been spending time and money on his development. Hopefully, Heumi will also be able to make his debut for The Indomitable Lions, the Cameroon national football team.

Heumi has described himself as a highly versatile player, comfortable in any attacking role. The last couple of years, Heumi has usually been found in an attacking midfield role, or as a right-winger. He is also effective as a second striker or as a playmaker in a “free role”. Heumi is a very skilful player with tremendous ball control and dribbling skills. He provides through balls and key passes to the forwards, as well as chipping in his fair share of goals. Heumi is an expert from set-pieces, particularly when unleashing his powerful shot. Heumi has been described as “l’artiste des Astres FC”, implying that he is highly creative and an entertaining player to watch. Heumi is 170 centimeters and approximately 68 kilos. Despite being rather petit, he fights hard and is also a decent ball winner. The following clip shows glimpses of his qualities:

The picture was found on

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