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El-hadji-Fine-BoppEl Hadji Fine Bop is one of the hottest players in Senegalese football. Bop is starring for the newly promoted side Olympique de Ngor, currently number two in the Senegalese Ligue 1 2013, and has scored four goals during the last three league matches. The petit striker has a total of five goals after Week 12 of the season. As far as I know, Bop has played all 12 matches.

My first record of Bop is from 2010. At the time, Bop was playing for ETICS de Mboro during the Ligue 2 2010, the second level of Senegalese football. I am not sure where Bop spent the 2010-2011 season but during the Ligue 2 2011-2012, Bop was scoring goals for Olympique de Ngor, helping the club to win promotion.

Bop is primarily a striker, known for his tremendous pace, dribbling ability, healthy work rate and finishing skills. As far as I know, Bop can also play as a winger or play behind a bigger striker.

According to, Bop is born 12.10.1994, making him 18 years old at the time of writing. Apparently, Bop is only 162 centimeters and 63 kilos. Bop is also known as “El Hadji Tine Bop” / “El Hadji Fine Bopp” / “El Hadji Sine Bop”.

In most leagues, five goals in 12 matches can not be regarded as extraordinary. In the Senegalese Ligue 1, famous for it’s lack of goals, such a goal average rate is enough to make me interested. I think Bop is a player to watch closely for the rest of the season, alongside his impressive teammates Arthur Yannick Gomis (midfielder, born 03.02.1992) and Abdoulaye Keneme (attacker, born 05.01.1990).

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  1. i need his contact,i mean the player Bop..send his phone to me and i will contact him to discuss deal with him

  2. Dear Sir, I do agree – very interesting striker. I understand he has now joined Diambars and I wish him all the best. Regards, Øivind Henrik


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