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Hamidou-DiopAmidou Diop, the attacking midfielder of the Diambars Institute, has made a sensational start to the Senegalese Ligue 1 2013. In a league notorious for lack of goals, Diop has scored five goals in six matches, including a hat-trick against ASC La Linguère on 02.02.2013.

According to, a Senegalese webpage that seems remarkable trustworthy, Diop is born 27.02.1992. In other words, Diop will turn 21 in a few days. Perhaps even more interesting, the same webpage writes that Diop is 196 centimeters and 75 kg. Diop is obviously a lanky, towering player and this attribute, combined with his eye for goals, makes Diop a very interesting prospect. As far as I know, Diop can play in a holding midfield role, in a “Yaya Touré” role, playing behind the attackers, or as a target man striker.

My first record of Diop is from 2009. At the time, Diop was playing second level football for the Diambars Institute. In July 2009, Diop was part of the Senegal U-17 national football team.

In September 2009, Diop was promoted to the squad of the Senegal U-20 national football team.

Diop starred for the Diambars Institute during the Senegalese Ligue 2 2010, while still featuring for Senegal U-20. In November 2010, Diop was named in the “Equipe type Ligue 2”, suggesting he was one of the 11 best players in the league. Disappointingly, the Diambars Institite failed to win promotion. The following season, the Senegalese Ligue 2 2010-2011, turned out to be more succesful. Diop and his teammates performed impressively throughout the season and became champions, seven points ahead of ASC Yeggo.

On 07.01.2012, Diop made his debut at top level of Senegalese football. As far as I know, Diop played 11 matches (no goals) during the Senegalese Ligue 1 2011-2012, finding himself on the bench during several of the 20 Diambars-matches. His impressive start to the new season suggests that Diop has matured as a player and that he is now comfortable with the physical and tough Senegalese league. Personally, I think Diop will excel during the remaining season and eventually secure a deal with a mid-level European club.

Amidou Diop is often referred to as “Hamidou Diop”. Sometimes, he uses his nickname “Mido”.

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