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In August / September 2012, Africa Sports travelled to Duékoué, a troubled town in the Western parts of the Ivory Coast, playing friendly matches against local teams. During these sessions, officials of Africa Sports discovered Djakaria Traoré, a 17 year old midfielder. Traoré was brought to the Ivorian capital and at the time of writing, the youngster has played two matches during the Ivorian Ligue 1 2012-2013; against Jeunesse d’Abidjan and against ASI Abengourou. Africa Sports has won both matches and Traoré has gotten some rave reviews. It is early to hype such a young, inexperienced played but trustworthy reports describes Traoré as a petit player with tremendous speed who is almost an magician with the ball in his feet. Apparently, Traoré is comfortable as an attacking midfielder or a winger. Traoré is fondly referred to as “Kirikou”.

The picture is of Traoré and was found on excellent blog

Nationality: IVORY COAST
DOB: Unknown
Position: Attacking midfielder / Winger
Season Club L Games Goals
2012-2013 Africa Sports(Ivory Coast) 1


Bommanin Peggy Kohouo is one of these “one-man attack” players. He is often battling on his own up-front for Jeunesse d’Abidjan and has scored four goals in six matches so far this season – but at least two of them have been penalty kicks. Kohouo failed to break through at Africa Sports but has developed into a fine striker at JCAT. Kohouo is big, strong and hard-working. He always seems to be on the run and is the kind of player that is difficult to defend against.

In this video, you can see Kohouo score a penalty goal against Africa Sports on 08.12.2012. You will also see a player who works hard and makes several good runs. Kohouo is easily to recognize due to his orange hair.

Nationality: IVORY COAST
DOB: 16.11.1990
Position: Striker
Season Club L Games Goals
2008 Sabé Sport de Bouna(Ivory Coast) 1 1
2009 Africa Sports(Ivory Coast) 1 2
2010 Africa Sports(Ivory Coast) 1 0
2011 Unknown
2012 Jeunesse Club d’Abidjan(Ivory Coast) 1 6
2012-2013 Jeunesse Club d’Abidjan(Ivory Coast) 1


SC Gagnoa, the newly promoted side, has made a sensational return to the Ivorian Ligue 1, currently leading the table with 16 points in 7 matches. Captain Jean Francis Kassi Malan deserves his share of the credit. At the time of writing, veteran striker Kassi Malan is top scorer in the Ivorian Ligue 1 2012-2013. He scored six goals during the first six matches of the season and I won’t be surprised if he scored again when SC Gagnoa won 2-0 against EFYM on 15.12.2012.

His two goals against ASEC Mimosas on 02.12.2012 can be watched here:

Both goals are typical striker-goals, as Kassi Malan uses raw determination to tap in from close range. Kassi Malan is a big, lanky striker who uses his strenght effectively. Kassi Malan was part of the Ivory Coast U-23 national football team in 2004, making it likely that he is approximately 30 years old. Kassi Malan has played for several Ivorian clubs and played a big role when Séwé Sport won relegation to the Ivorian Ligue 1 back in 2003.

Nationality: IVORY COAST
DOB: Unknown
Position: Striker
Season Club L Games Goals
2003 Séwé Sport de San Pedro(Ivory Coast) 2
2004 Séwé Sport de San Pedro(Ivory Coast) 1
2005 ASEC Mimosas(Ivory Coast) 1
2006 Stella Club d’Adjamé(Ivory Coast) 1
2007 Unknown
2008 Unknown
2009 SO Armée(Ivory Coast) 1
2010 Issia Wazi FC(Ivory Coast) 1 1
2011 Unknown
2012 SC Gagnoa(Ivory Coast) 2
2012-2013 SC Gagnoa(Ivory Coast) 1

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