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Libiih_Thomas_Junior011212300* According to unconfirmed sources, Union Douala has signed two players from Congo, namely striker Bienvenu Mbon from FC Cuvette and right-winger Saïde Nkounga (born 20.09.1990) from Saint Michel de Ouenzé. Nkounga played for Congo U-20 during the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Canada.

* Full-back Jacques Bayem is an exciting player at Union Douala. Bayem, who joined Union from amateur club Oryx Douala, played regularly throughout the season. A video of Bayem can be found here:

* It is no secret that I’m a big fan of the strongman Gustave Moundi (born 16.02.1985) of Union Douala. A clip of Moundi, comfortable at centre-back or defensive midfield, can be watched here:

* Defensive midfielder Thierry Tchuente (born 27.03.1992) is one of the most interesting players at Astres Douala. You can take a closer look at Tchuente here:

* Astres Douala has signed promising centre-back Thomas Junior Libiih from Renaissance FC. Libiih, still a teenager, has been part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team this year. The picture is of Libiih and was found on

* Following West African football can be confusing. Union Douala, the Cameroonian champions, has signed a player called Zakaria Awudu, sometimes referred to as “Zacharia Awudu” or “Zakaria Aoudou,” from Ghana., usually a trustworthy source, reports the following:

  • He is 17 years old per November 2012
  • He is a striker
  • He was signed from Berekum Chelsea FC in Ghana
  • He has scored 13 league goals, presumably for Berekum Chelsea FC
  • He was part of the Berekum Chelsea FC team that knocked out Cotonsport FC from the 2012 CAF Champions League
  • He is captaining the Ghana U-17 national football team
  • Apparently, Awudu could choose between Union Douala and Espérance Sportive de Tunis (Tunisia)
  • He was apparently signed for 21 000 000 CFA and has a monthly salary of 800 000 CFA. This is a considerable transfer fee and a considerable salary.,15914.html,15938.html

On paper, this seems like an exciting prospect. Awudu was presented at a press conference and has been presented as a major signing for the powerful Cameroonian club.

Personally, I have never heard of this player. I am 100 percent certain that no player called “Zakaria Awudu”, “Zacharia Awudu” or “Zakaria Aoudou” has ever scored a goal for Berekum Chelsea FC in the GLO Premier League. Certainly not 13 goals.

It is a fact that Berekum Chelsea FC played against Cotonsport FC during the 2012 CAF Champions League; on 29.04.2012 and on 13.05.2012.

The line-up from the first match (Berekum Chelsea FC vs. Cotonsport FC 0-0) can be found here:

The line-up from the second match (Cotonsport FC vs. Berekum Chelsea FC 1-2) can be found here:

In the second match, Emmanuel Clottey and Mohammed Abdul Basit scored the goals for Berekum Chelsea FC. During the second match, Awudu Nafiu and Awudu Moro played for Berekum Chelsea FC. Awudu Nafiu is born 02.12.1988 and is a centre-back. Awudu Moro is born 01.05.1982 and is an attacking midfielder or winger. These two players were also named in the official squad list of Berekum Chelsea FC:

I have read through every single squad of the Ghana U-17 national football team during 2012 – and I have never found a player called called “Zakaria Awudu”, “Zacharia Awudu” or “Zakaria Aoudou”.

Based on the above, I am very confused about Awudu. Hopefully, some clarification will be published soon at Cameroonian or Ghanaian webpages.

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