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ASC La Linguère, based in Saint-Louis in the northwest of Senegal, had a disappointing season, finishing as number five in the “Poule A”. Based on the fact that their squad contains several quality players, I was surprised by their failure.

Khadim Ndiaye, standing tall at 192 centimeters, is widely considered as the best goalkeeper in the Senegalese Ligue 1. At the time of writing, Ndiaye is enjoying a loan spell at Swedish top level club Kalmar FF, although he has yet to make his debut for the first team. Ndiaye has several full international matches for Senegal.

Mansour Ba, Habib Diop, Samba Ndiaye, Pape Idrissa Sall and Mamadou Seck are five experienced players who are important for the defensive strength of the team. Diop won the “Player of the season-award” for his consistent performances at right-back. Ba, primarily a defensive midfielder, became runner-up. Sall, often captaining the team from centre-back, became number three.

Moussa Dembélé, primarily an attacking midfielder or striker, is often dictating the attacking play of the team. The top strikers at the club are Ibrahim Dermé from Burkina Faso and Mohamed Remy Gomis. Both players failed to score regularly. Star player Sérigne Cheikh Diouck struggled with injury most of the season. Mourchid Iyane Ly, a notorious goalscorer at this level, had a poor season in front of goal.

I believe it is fair to say that Mame Ibrahima Ndiaye is the most interesting player who featured for ASC La Linguère last season. Ndiaye, playing regularly for the Senegal U-20 national football team, is a pacy striker. Some of his qualities can be viewed in this clip:

According to unconfirmed sources, Ndiaye has recently joined FK Napredak Krusevac, a second level side in Serbia.

The picture is of “Player of the Season” Habib Diop and was found on

Name Position D.O.B. Nat. Matches(d) Matches(e) Goals
BA, Assane   25.03.1984   2 3 0
BA, Mansour M 03.05.1983   11 13 1
BADJI, Souleymane   10.03.1990   9 11 1
DEMBÉLÉ, Moussa M 28.11.1986   11 13 2
DERMÉ, Ibrahim F   BFA 10 13 1
DIALLO, Ameth F     2 3 0
DIALLO, Mouhamed Chérif G 19.07.1979   1 1 0
DIOP, Habib D 02.08.1989   14 14 0
DIOUCK, Sérigne Cheikh F 03.12.1990   2 3 0
DIOUF, Mamadou Aly       5 7 0
FALL, Mouhamed Bara       4 6 0
GOMIS, Mohamed Remy F 24.11.1990   10 12 2
GOUDIABY, Toumany F     1 1 0
GUEYE, Samba D 04.01.1985   12 14 0
GUISSE, Makhtar       1 1 0
LY, Mourchid Iyane F 28.12.1986   5 7 0
NDIAYE, Amadou Diop       1 1 0
NDIAYE, Khadim G 05.04.1985   10 12 0
NDIAYE, Madiop M     6 8 0
NDIAYE, Mamadou Momar       2 3 0
NDIAYE, Mame Ibrahima F 01.02.1994   7 8 1
NDIAYE, Pape Samba M 01.12.1985   1 1 0
NIANG, Thierno F     1 1 1
SAKHO, Mass M     5 7 0
SALL, Pape Idrissa D 10.12.1987   11 13 2
SANÉ, Cheikh Abass F 17.03.1990   2 3 1
SECK, Mamadou D 15.05.1990   9 13 0
SOUMARÉ, Amadou Doudou       4 6 0
TINE, Maguette M 28.10.1985   2 3 0



“Name” – the player’s full name.

“Position” – position on the field, either goalkeeper (G), defender (D), midfielder (M) or forward (F).

“Date of birth” – when only birth years are mentioned, these are based on estimates.

“Nat.” – nationality. Unless specified, I assume all players are from Senegal.

“Matches(d)” – number of matches I can document the player has been involved in.

“Matches(e)” – number of matches, based on an estimate.

“Goals” – only documented league goals.

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