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Nationality: NIGERIA
DOB: Unknown
Position: Striker / Attacking midfielder
Season Club L Games Goals
2009-2010 Bukola Babes FC(Nigeria) 2
2010-2011 Bukola Babes FC(Nigeria) 1 9
2012 ABS FC(Nigeria) 1 15

Abdulrahman Bashir of ABS FC has been described as a petit, hard-running striker with a massive work-rate. Few players in the Nigeria Premier League can match Bashir’s goalscoring record. There seems to be some confusion regarind the age of Bashir. According to 2muchsports, Bashir is born 25.05.1989. According to MTN Football, Bashir is born 15.01.1992. According to, the official homepage of ABS FC, Bashir is born 15.01.1991. Personally, I think the latter is correct. The picture, found at SuperSport, is of Bashir.

Nationality: NIGERIA
DOB: Unknown
Position: Attacking midfielder / Winger
Season Club L Games Goals
2009-2010 Kaduna United FC(Nigeria) 1 2
2010-2011 Kaduna United FC(Nigeria) 1 4
2012 FC Taraba(Nigeria) 2 0
2012 Kaduna United FC(Nigeria) 1 3
2012-2013 Kano Pillars FC(Nigeria) 1

In what seems like a great career move, enterprising midfielder Emmanuel Bivan has joined champions Kano Pillars FC for the Nigeria Premier League 2012-2013. Bivan, who has captained Kaduna United FC in certain matches, loves to dribble and has good ball control. According to unconfirmed sources, Bivan is born 25.12.1992.

Nationality: NIGERIA
DOB: Unknown
Position: Attacking midfielder
Season Club L Games Goals
Dabo Babes FC(Nigeria)
2010-2011 Kano Pillars FC(Nigeria) 1 2
2012 Kano Pillars FC(Nigeria) 1 1

Attacking midfielder Musa Buhari is an exciting prospect at Kano Pillars FC with his vision, dribble and eye for a goal. According to MTN Football, Buhari is born 11.09.1993.

Nationality: NIGERIA
DOB: ??.??.1992
Position: Attacking midfielder
Season Club L Games Goals
2009-2010 Ocean Boys FC(Nigeria) 1 1
2010-2011 Ocean Boys FC(Nigeria) 1 7
2010-2011 Dolphins FC(Nigeria) 1 0
2012 Heartland FC(Nigeria) 1 1

Some critics will say that Christopher Chigozie has made some bad career moves during the last couple of years. Chigozie was brilliant at Ocean Boys FC and showed that he can attack and defend, create and score, especially from deadly free-kicks. He has not been able to reproduce this form at Dolphins FC or Heartland FC.

Name: CHINWO, KENNEDY   180 cm 76 kg
Nationality: NIGERIA
DOB: 29.12.1985
Position: Right-back / Left-back / Central defender
Season Club L Games Goals
2004 Dolphins FC(Nigeria) 1
2005 Dolphins FC(Nigeria) 1
2005-2006 FC Tiraspol(Moldova) 1    7 0
2006-2007 FC Tiraspol(Moldova) 1    30 2
2007-2008 FC Sheriff Tiraspol(Moldova) 1    11 0
2008-2009 Heartland FC(Nigeria) 1 0
2009-2010 Heartland FC(Nigeria) 1 1
2010-2011 Dolphins FC(Nigeria) 1 2
2012 Dolphins FC(Nigeria) 1 2

The powerful Kennedy Chinwo is versatile defender, primarily a right-back, with plenty of experience. Chinwo has an excellent right-foot and has an impressive work-rate.

Nationality: SENEGAL
DOB: Unknown
Position: Central defender
Season Club L Games Goals
2008 Casa Sport(Senegal) 1
2009 Casa Sport(Senegal) 1
2010 Casa Sport(Senegal) 1 0
2010-2011 Casa Sport(Senegal) 1    9 0
2012 Sharks FC(Nigeria) 1 0

Pierre Coly, the towering centre-back from Senegal, was a key player for Sharks FC last season. Coly, widely regarded as one of the best foreigners in the Nigeria Premier League, is currently on the wish-list of several Nigerian clubs.

Name: EDE, IFEANYI   187 cm 72 kg
Nationality: NIGERIA
DOB: 25.10.1990
Position: Striker
Season Club L Games Goals
2008-2009 Ocean Boys FC(Nigeria) 1 4
2009-2010 Ocean Boys FC(Nigeria) 1 4
2010-2011 Enyimba FC(Nigeria) 1 7
2012 Enyimba FC(Nigeria) 1    7 1
2012 Rangers International FC(Nigeria) 1 7

Ifeanyi Ede, a physically strong centre-forward, has developed into a consistent goalscorer in the Nigeria Premier League. Ede has just turned 22 and the up-coming season, he should be able to net double figures for the first time.

Nationality: NIGERIA
DOB: 13.11.1994
Position: Attacking midfielder / Left-winger / Striker
Season Club L Games Goals
2009-2010 Crown FC(Nigeria) 2
2010-2011 Crown FC(Nigeria) 1 2
2010-2011 Sunshine Stars FC(Nigeria) 1 0
2012 Sunshine Stars FC(Nigeria) 1 2

Harrison Egbune, an important member of the Nigeria U-20 national football team, is a player with a lot of potential. It is fair to say that Egbune has yet to break through at Sunshine Stars FC. MTN Football has described Egbune as a “left-footed player who is strong, fast and has a great technique, which makes him almost unstoppable when he is with the ball.”

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