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On 09.09.2012, Union Douala won 2-0 against Canon Yaoundé in Week 22 of the Cameroonian MTN Elite One 2012. Yesterday, I watched the match on DVD and here are my observations.

Firstly, I must say that I was rather impressed with the level of football. The match was played on a wet turf which made it difficult to play beautiful football. Nevertheless, Union Douala showed clever combination play while Canon Yaoundé fought hard without creating a lot of chances.

The goals were scored by Joël Babanda, a rather simple tap-in after a fine cross from right-winger Clevis Tambe Ashu, and Charles Edoa Nga, a close-range finish.

Rostand Youthe Jehu (born 23.12.1985) looked steady in goal for Union Douala. Youthe Jehu, formerly of Sable FC, is 190 centimeters tall and 85 kilos and he used his impressive physique to block all attempted shots and pick out all dangerous crosses.

Collins Fai (born 10.05.1992) played at right-back and I immediately liked this highly regarded youngster. Fai overlapped with Ashu down the right-flank and covered considerable ground. A few times, Fai showed explosive power, using his pace to outrun his opponents. Defensively, Fai showed consentration and discipline and I always felt he was in total control. Fai is definitely a player to watch. At left-back, Jacques Bayem was a bit quieter, focusing strongly on his defensive responsibilities. The versatile Bayem has been a relevation after signing from amateur club Oryx Douala before the season. Aaron Mbimbe (born 19.03.1984) and Patrick Ngoula played in the heart of the defence. Both players showed strength, marking and tackling ability and especially Mbimbe stood out. I have never watched Mbimbe before but he has to be almost two meters tall. The rugged defender, formerly of Noblesse du Ndé, must be a nightmare to face. He looked unbeatable when contesting balls in the air.

From my point of view, Gustave Moundi (born 16.02.1985) was the man of the match. I was almost blown away by this strongman, playing as a defensive midfielder just in front of the central defenders. Moundi, the captain of the team, showed an immense physical presence, lungbursting runs from midfield, excellent passing skills and tackling ability. Moundi, who can also play as a central defender, deserves a chance in a bigger league.

While Moundi focused on the defensive play, Arnaud Monkam (born 22.02.1986) had a more creative role, showing an all-round view of the match when directing passes, mostly to right-winger Clevis Tambe Ashu (born 01.01.1985) or left-winger Joël Babanda (born 12.01.1980). After having followed Cameroonian football for several years, I have learned that Ashu is a top shelf winger. Ashu is fast, tricky and intelligent, reading passes from the midfielders or fellow attackers. His crosses always seemed to find a teammate. Ashu was substituted for powerful Nigerian attacker Ikechukwu Agada Emedolibe (born 22.06.1990).

Babanda, the top scorer and star player of Union Douala, had a rather quiet game. I was not too impressed with his work-rate but whenever he got the ball, he knew how to use it. Babanda is a tough attacking midfielder with an eye for goal and great technique. Babanda was substituted for Martin Yon Loa, a talented and pacy left-winger.

Vincent Mbarga Manga played as a support striker, just behind Charles Edoa Nga (born 17.05.1990). Mbarga Manga has gotten some rave reviews but this was not his best game. He worked hard and did well linking the midfield and the attack. I was more impressed with Edoa Nga, a fast striker with good ball control and dribbling ability. He was able to shoot confidently and possessed great power and accuracy. He deserved his goal after having worked hard throughout the match. Edoa Nga was substituted for attacking midfielder Ludovick Yvon Mintya Angoh (born 12.08.1986).

David Paul Assonganyi had a very good game in goal for Canon Yaoundé. Assonganyi, formerly of Renaissance FC de Ngoumou, made some spectacular saves and could not be blamed for the goals.

Jacques Onana Ndzomo, an important player for the Cameroon U-20 national football team, played at right-back. Onana Ndzomo did well to neutralize Babanda but rarely showed attacking qualities.

Left-back Pascal Biloa Lebongo was lively and had an important attacking role in the team. At times, he struggled with Fai and Ashu, but I somehow got a really good feeling about this energetic player who always fought hard and initiated several attacks from his defensive position. Mvondo Atangana and Maxime Mengue (born 14.04.1992) played in central defence. Atangana was big and strong, a typical West African centre-back. Mengue, tall and lanky, seemed more cultured and I know that the highly regarded youngster in on the radar of several European clubs.

Pierre Wome (born 26.03.1979), the well-known veteran who has played six matches in the FIFA World Cup (1998 and 2002), played right in front of the central defenders, although he had a rather “fluid” position, wandering the field and building counter-attacking moves. Wome was responsible for set-pieces and showed what a wonderful left-foot he has when he hammered a free-kick in the crossbar. Wome has turned 33 and is not the fastest player anymore. At times, he was late in the tackles, also resulting in a red card during the final minutes of the match. Wome captained Canon Yaoundé and it was very easy to see that he is the leader and the star player of the youthful side. The picture is of Wome and was found on

The central midfield of Canon consisted of Joël Emmanuel Kofana and Stanislas Trésor Owona Zoa. Kofana was the slightly more defensive of the two, while Owona Zoa tried to make decisive passes to the attackers. I think Kofana and Owona Zoa lost the battle against Moundi and Monkam, although Kofana showed workmanship and passing ability.

The petit Yazid Atouba Emane (born 02.01.1993) is the playmaker of Canon Yaoundé. Atouba Emane showed an eye for a pass and good running and dribbling skills, although he struggled to make decisive passes to front-men Philippe Ngom Balonga (born 01.04.1987) and Frédéric Nguidjol. Balonga, a burly striker with a lot of experience, had a rather poor match. Nguidjol often tried to attack from the right, most likely because Mbimbe and Ngoula gave him a hard time in the centre of the field. Although not the strongest of attackers, Nguidjol seemed like an exciting player with a lot of pace and stamina.

Canon Yaoundé made three substitutions but I was unfortunately unable to find out who these players were.

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