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On 29.08.2012, I had the pleasure of watching the Cameroon B national football team win 3-1 against the Maldives in the 2012 Nehru Cup, a football tournament in New Dehli, India.

The Cameroon B national football team won after two great goals by Man of the match Stéphane Kingue Mpondo (12th and 39th minute) and a penalty goal by Alix Bertin Ondobo Ebanga (50th minute). The penalty was extremely cheap and a somehow the referee decided to send off the Maldivian player who caused it. This incident changed the game and Cameroon B won comfortable withouth making much of an effort. The Maldives fought hard but had no chance against the strong Cameroonian players.

The Cameroon B nationa football team consisted of players from the MTN Elite One 2012.


Goalkeeper Ngome (born 23.02.1979) had a quiet game between the posts. He had few interceptions and didn’t really have to make any saves during the entire match. Ngome could do nothing about the goal he conceded. The experienced Ngome decided to keep the ball in his feet for one minute during extra time. In my opinion, such time wasting activity is bad sportsmanship. Ngome is the first-choice goalkeeper at Astres de Douala.


Abouna Ndzana (born 27.09.1990) played at left-back. In 2010, Abouna Ndzana was widely considered as one of the future stars of Cameroonian football. On 03.03.2010, he made his debut for the Cameroon national football team in a friendly match against Italy. In a month, Abouna Ndzana will turn 22 and he has still not secured a professional contract abroad, despite several trials. Against the Maldives, Abouna Ndzana showed that he has a lot of pace and stamina but he struggled to use these attributes effectively. His crosses were mostly poor. Abouna Ndzana is the star player at Astres de Douala.


Bebey Kingué (born 09.11.1986) played at right-back and was captain of the Cameroon B national football team. Bebey Kingué, who played three matches for Gaziantepspor in the Turkish Süper Lig 2009-2010, is one of the most experienced full-backs in the MTN Elite One 2012. Bebey Kingué is a burly player with a great understanding of the game. Although he rarely joined the attack, he always seemed to provide a passing option for his teammates. The Maldivian players struggled to get past the strongman, who emphasized on intelligent low-risk play. Bebey Kingué, who is 170 centimeters and 62 kilos, is the captain of New Star de Douala. He was part of the Cameroon U-23 national football team during the 2008 Olympics in China, playing three matches. The picture is of Bebey Kingué and was found on


Meyoupo, an athletic centre-back, was rarely troubled by the Maldivian attackers. He seemed like a calm and strong defender with good ball control and enough speed to correct any positional mistakes. Meyoupo plays for Young Sports Academy and can also play at right-back. His date of birth is currently unknown.


Moundi (born 16.02.1985) played at centre-back and impressed me with his immense physique. This player is built like a rock. The strongman showed good heading ability and made several important tackles. Moundi is one of the best players at Union de Douala, the current leaders of the MTN Elite One 2012. He has been performing well for several years, both at club level and at the Cameroon B national football team, and personally, I think he deserves a chance in a better league.


Kingué Mpondo (born 02.06.1985) made a star performance at defensive midfield, winning almost every single tackle, dominating in the air and scoring two beautiful goals. The first goal was a great volley after an accurate pass from Ngampiep Vigny Kologni. The second goal was a powerful header from a corner-kick. Kingué Mpondo was directing the distribution of the ball and dictated the tempo of the match. At times, it seemed like almost every attack had to start from the foot of Kingué Mpondo. His physique is top shelf and his work-rate was impressive. Perhaps I was fooled by the rather average opposition but in this match, Kingué Mpondo showed signs of being an almost complete defensive midfielder.

Kingué Mpondo plays for Cotonsport FC. He has previously played professionally at MS Ashdod (Israel). Kingué Mpondo has scored a total of three goals so far in the 2012 Nehru Cup.


Ondobo Ebanga (born 26.01.1990) played at central midfield and scored a penalty goal, his fourth goal so far in the 2012 Nehru Cup. Ondobo Ebanga is a versatile player but is primarily an attacking player, often used as a playmaker or support striker at club level. I had been looking forward to see Ondobo Ebanga but I was not very impressed. He was a bit anonymous, mostly because he had been given defensive obligations. Ondobo Ebanga played short, mostly accurate passes, but did not show much creativity. He did however demonstrate that he has a cultured foot and that he is dangerous from set-pieces. Ondobo Ebanga is the star player at Renaissance FC de Ngoumou.


Makon Nloga played as an attacking midfielder and showed a lot of quality. Makon Nloga is the current top scorer in the MTN Elite One 2012 (10 goals) and seemed dangerous when he came close to the box. He showed some wonderful dribbling, worked hard throughout the game, and had several smart passes and moves. I predict a bright future for this exciting prospect. Makon Nloga plays for New Star de Douala.


Momasso (born 09.12.1985) played at the left-wing. Momasso is one of the most experienced members of the team and my expectations were high. Momasso showed a lot of pace but his crosses were accurate and his finishing was rather poor. I had hoped for more. Momasso plays for Astres de Douala. Momasso has scored two goals so far in the 2012 Nehru Cup.


Kologni (born 27.11.1983) played as a striker, in my opinion in a role that did not fit him. In my opinion, Kologni is at his best when he can challenge defenders with his immense physique, dribbling and pace. Instead, Kologni had to fight against the central defenders of the Maldives, receiving high balls and passes when he had his back to the goal. I was somewhat surprised to see how strong and powerful the burly Kologni is. Kologni is the star player at Panthère Sportive, where he is often found on the left wing or in a rather free attacking role. Kologni has scored two goals so far in the 2012 Nehru Cup.


Ashu (born 01.01.1985) played at the right-wing and made several attacking runs down the flank. However, Ashu was not very effective despite showing a lot of energy, willingness and a lot of skill. I got a positive impression of Ashu and I am pretty sure he can be extremely dangerous when he is in top form. Ashu is a key player for Union de Douala.


Eloundou, who I believe is a teenager, entered the picth in the 61th minute, switching place with Kologni. Despite playing only 30 minutes, Eloundou showed enough to make me curious. He is not the tallest but very quick, lively, energetic and was not afraid to take on defenders or fire shots from any angle. The youngster, who can play as a striker, winger or attacking midfielder, is widely regarded as one of the biggest talents in the MTN Elite One 2012. He plays for Unisport FC.


Bitte (born 23.04.1986) made a substitute appearence, replacing Ondobo Ebanga in the 77th minute. Bitte took the central midfield role and seemed eager to impress. I liked his energy, passes and working ethic. Bitte is a key midfielder at Sable FC.

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