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* Jeunesse d’Abidjan, often referred to as JCAT, looks like the poorest of the teams in the Superdivision. However, there are several interesting players in their squad.

The experienced Ange Baresi Gloudoueu (born 20.12.1986) is one of the toughest central defenders in the league. The picture is of Gloudoueu and was found on Yao Olivier Kouakou (born 11.01.1986) is a consistent and rock-solid left-back. Nigerian midfielder Michael Ogundina (born 06.07.1984) is often captaining the team.

Ya Thomas Ronardo Gonazo Bi (born 30.12.1990), a right-winger or striker, has shown a lot of promise during the last four seasons. Gonazo Bi joined JCAT from ASC Ouragahio before the season.

The revelation of the season has been striker Bommanin Peggy Kohouo who has scored six goals. Kohouo, who is big and strong and a true fighter, is a former player of Africa Sports.

* Séwé Sport from San Pedro has an impressive squad at the moment. Their attack looks especially impressive.

Koelly Kevin Zougoula (born 20.03.1984) is arguably the best striker in the local football of Ivory Coast. The petit front-runner is known for his clinical finishes and his mobility. Zougoula has scored minimum seven goals so far this season, possibly more as the two goalscorers against JCAT on 15.08.2012 are currently unknown. Mandela Ocansey (born 02.02.1990), the striker from Burkina Faso, has been largely impressive since joining Séwé Sport in March. Ocansey has scored at least three goals so far this season. Séwé Sport has other options in attack as well, namely the highly gifted youngster Roger Assalé (born 13.11.1993), who is part of the Ivory Coast U-20 national football team, and the experienced point-man Garba Idrissa Halidou (born 03.07.1982) who is a full international player for Niger.

Playing behind Zougoula and Ocansey, Kabran Stevens Koffi Foba (born 12.08.1989) is having a wonderful season. The playmaker, formerly of ASEC Mimosas, has scored at least six goals.

The midfield of Séwé Sport is controlled by experienced performers such as Souleymane Dembélé, Dogui Jules Gaël Lakpa (born 30.07.1988) and Kouadio Youbouet (born 25.12.1988). Mahan Marc Goua (born 02.11.1989) is one of the best right-backs in the league and Ousmane Adama Ouattara (born 22.12.1993) is a talented central defender who plays for the Ivory Coast U-20 national football team.

One of the revelations of the Ivorian season has been youngster Donald Davis Kodia, also a member of the Ivory Coast U-20 national football team. Kodia, who can play in the central defence or as a defensive midfielder, is currently in top form and is definitely a player to watch. Cédric Elysée Kodjo, a midfielder, has also played for the Ivory Coast U-20 national football team this season and the youngster is having a breakthrough season at Séwé Sport.

Séwé Sport has two quality goalkeepers in Guelassiognon Sylvain Gbohouo (born 29.10.1988) and Badra Ali Sangaré (born 30.05.1986).

Séwé Sport is leading the Superdivision at the moment and I will be surprised if they are not able to maintain the lead and eventually become champions.

* Stella Club d’Adjamé recently won the Ivorian cup but is one of the weakest teams in the Superdivision.

Key players include goalkeeper Christophe Aifimi, left-back Tiécoura Coulibaly (born 04.05.1988), central defenders Dape Marius Gbabouyou (born 08.12.1988) and Jean-Baptiste Oulaï, midfielder Aboubacar Mé Diomandé (born 07.05.1988), right-winger Raphaël Yabré from Burkina Faso and star striker Jacques Alain Tanoh (born 16.09.1987).

One of the revelations of the season has been central defender Abdoul Aziz Siahoune (born 10.04.1994) who has played regularly for Stella and forced his way into the Ivory Coast U-20 national football team. Siahoune was part of the Ivory Coast U-17 national football team in 2011, playing for an academy called “Micro Plus”.

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