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US Gorée will be disappointed with their season, finishing as number seven in Poule A, having just ASC Yakaar behind them. US Gorée plays their home matches in Dakar, despite originating from Ile de Gorée, an island located 2 kilometers at sea from the main harbor of Dakar.

In this post, I will present information and statistics about their season.

Three different goalkeepers have been fighting for the number one shirt during the season. Mame Abdou Ndoye, formerly of ASC Yakaar, started the season as first choice. Mahame Sow, signed from Touré Kunda before the season, was preferred from March 2012 until the end of the season. Babacar Ba has also played a couple of matches.

Vieux Madiam Diop, Cheikh Amadou Ndiaye and Abdou Chafi Sow are the main men in defence. Sow, who played for ASC Diaraf last season, is an experienced and highly regarded central defender. Ndiaye is the current captain of the team. Abdourahmane Diop and Ndikou Doucouré are often used as full-backs. US Gorée conceded 17 goals in 14 matches – not a high number but no team in Senegal conceded more.

The midfield of US Gorée is quite interesting. Ibrahima Yigo Ba is a highly talented central midfielder with an immense physical presense.  Ba impressed as a trialist at Danish side FC Midtjylland in May 2012. Roger Gomis, also a central midfielder, is currently part of the Senegal U-20 national football team. Maurice Ngom, one of the most interesting prospects at the club, has lost several matches during the season because of obligations with the Senegal U-23 national football team. Both Ba and Ngom are on the radar of European clubs. Olivier Kabou is an experienced attacking midfielder / winger and one of the first names on the team sheet. Ousmane Mbengue is traditionally a left-winger and Yally Fall Guène, an excellent dribbler, can play at both flanks.

The picture is of Ibrahima Yigo Ba and is taken from Zimbio.

Up front, US Gorée is depending on top striker Alassane Diallo. Diallo scored seven goals and is the joint top scorer in the league, together with Mouhamadou Dieng of Guédiawaye FC. Mamadou Niang, formerly of ASC HLM, and Malick Thiaw, who has been with US Gorée for at least six seasons, failed to score regularly. Abdou Karim Sané is an interesting midfielder / attacker.

Please note that the goalscorer of US Gorée against CSS Richard-Toll on 10.03.2012 is still unknown.

Name Position D.O.B. Nat. Matches(d) Matches(e) Goals
BA, Babacar G 3 4 0
BA, Ibrahima Yigo M 14.10.1991 8 9 0
DIALLO, Alassane F 11 14 7
DIALLO, Pape Moussa 4 6 1
DIOP, Abdourahmane D 6 9 0
DIOP, Vieux Madiam D 17.11.1989 8 11 0
DOUCOURÉ, Ndikou D 4 6 0
DOUMBOUYA, Mademba D 1 1 0
GOMIS, Roger M 7 11 0
GUÈNE, Yally Fall M 10.05.1986 7 10 1
KABOU, Olivier M 8 11 0
LO, Cheikhouna Tidiane F 05.03.1987 1 1 0
MANGA, Augustin 2 3 0
MBENGUE, Ousmane M 8 11 0
NDIAYE, Antoine 3 4 0
NDIAYE, Cheikh Amadou D 9 13 0
NDOYE, Mame Abdou G 4 6 0
NGOM, Maurice M 5 7 0
NIANG, Mamadou F 10.11.1989 8 10 2
NIANG, Pape Amadou 3 4 0
SALL, Sidy Moussa 1 1 0
SANÉ, Abdou Karim F 6 8 1
SOW, Abdou Chafi D 10 14 0
SOW, Mahame G 5 7 0
THIAW, Malick F 5 7 1


“Name” – the player’s full name.

“Position” – position on the field, either goalkeeper (G), defender (D), midfielder (M) or forward (F).

“Date of birth” – when only birth years are mentioned, these are based on estimates.

“Nat.” – nationality. Unless specified, I assume all players are from Senegal.

“Matches(d)” – number of matches I can document the player has been involved in.

“Matches(e)” – number of matches, based on an estimate.

“Goals” – only documented league goals.

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