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The Abidjan-based side Ecole de Football Yéo Martial, mostly referred to as EFYM,  has been one of the surprise packages in the Ivorian Ligue 1 2012. The newly promoted side is currently number 2 in the “Poule A” of the Ivorian championship, which few would have guessed before the season. The big star of EFYM is argubaly striker Moryké Fofana. Fofana is a rather unknown player who has caught headlines lately after some brilliant performances. Ivorian media has described Fofana as the most prominent player so far this season and according to unconfirmed sources, both ASEC Mimosas and Africa Sports are hoping to get his signature.

It is not easy to find information about Fofana. My first record of the player is from the Ivorian Ligue 1 2009. Fofana, who was described as a young, talented player at the time, was part of the EFYM-team that was relegated. As far as I know, Fofana did not score any goals. Interestingly, Fofana was playing alongside Tiémoko Konaté, currently the most exciting prospect at Africa Sports.

As far as I know, Fofana played for EFYM at second level of Ivorian football in 2010 and 2011. I believe he was the top scorer at EFYM in 2011.

His return to the top flight has been sensational and according to Fédération Ivoirienne de Football, Fofana has scored seven league goals so far this season, making him one of the top scorers in the country.

Fofana is born 23.11.1991 and is therefore 20 years old at the time of writing. He has been described as a skilful player with a great physical presence, making him difficult to beat in duels. In fact, Fofana’s style of play has been compared to Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o.

Fofana’s name is sometimes written “Moriké Fofana”.

I look forward to follow Fofana’s development in coming years. I expect him to leave EFYM during the season or after the season and hopefully his talent will be nurtured further at his next club, most likely one of the powerhouses of Ivorian football.

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  1. Dear Sir, Fofana is a wonderful talent and I was very pleased to read that he has joined Norwegian club Lillestrøm SK. The management at Lillestrøm SK has stated that they are not expecting big things for him this season but that he could blossom to a top player during the 2013 season. Best regards, Øivind

  2. nice article fofana is talented

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