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The Njalla Quan Sports Academy, based in the seaside city of Limbe in the South-West Region of Cameroon, is one of the promoted teams in the MTN Elite One 2012. The academy, which focuses on talent development, is currently number 13 in the league, struggling hard to win points against their more experienced opponents.

Sadjo Sodea (born 01.02.1983) is first choice goalkeeper and one of the most experienced players in the squad. Sodea played for Scorpion FC during the MTN Elite One 2010-2011. Franklin Esambe Ekolle and Martial Meyangue are backup goalkeepers. Meyangue was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team in 2010.

Njalla Quan has retained several inexperienced players from the squad that won promotion last season, including Denis Ngweni Ngasi (defender) Derrick Pkwai (defender), Ronald Lakem Lane, Alex Tchaguen, Edmond Sigala, Paterson Ajong Fogha, Frédéric Kwedi Elombo (attacker), Georges Mooh Djike (striker) and Frankline Metuge (born 17.06.1988). Metuge, a striker or right-winger, has a reputation for scoring goals in the lower leagues of Cameroonian football. As far as I know, Metuge and Mooh Djike scored the most goals for Njalla Quan last season. I believe the talented Mooh Djike was top scorer of the two.

Two key players from last season, Sylvestre Bell (born 31.12.1991) and Stanley Ekema (born 11.08.1987), have top level experience and are important players. Bell, formerly of Astres Douala, is a key player at defensive midfield, while Ekema, formerly of Tiko United FC and the Young Sports Academy, have a more attacking role in the midfield.

Njalla Quan has also signed a couple of players with top level experience before the current season.

Ransom Etengeneg Akangmba (born 11.03.1990), primarily a right-back, was signed from Tiko United FC. Akangmba was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team in 2010. Romuald Monthe (born 19.08.1986) is a central defender with plenty of experience from the Young Sports Academy and Unisport FC.

On paper, Joseph Marie Gaël Foé (born 10.04.1989), formerly of Canon Yaoundé and Collins Tabot Orock (born 13.05.1988), formerly of Union Douala, Tiko United FC and Cotonsport FC, are perhaps the two players with the most impressive CV in the squad. Foé, primarily a midfielder, has done well but Orock, an attacking midfielder, has yet to stand out.

Joseph Yanki (born 27.11.1993) and Fabrice Kerdy (born 11.02.1992) are perhaps the most exciting prospects at the club. The lively striker Yanki was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team earlier this season, together with teammate Robert Ndip Tambe. Kerdy was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team during the CAN U-17 in Algeria in 2009. Watch out for attacker Charles Zeh Nghie. The picture is of Zeh Nghie and is taken from

Njalla Quan has signed several players from the MTN Elite Two 2010-2011 or even lower leagues, including Marc Eric Mbia (defender) from Lion Blessé de Foutouni, Julien Aimé Bako from Tonnerre Kalara Club and Noël Bendegue (attacker) from Achille FC.

List of scorers so far this season (9 goals):

Frankline Metuge 2, Joseph Marie Gaël Foé 1, Fabrice Kerdy 1, Frédéric Kwedi Elombo 1, Ronald Lakem Lane 1, Georges Mooh Djike 1, Charles Zeh Nghie 1.

A goalscorer against Unisport FC on 18.03.2012 is currently unknown.


  1. i will like to meet your team

  2. It is good to know the sucess and achivements of the team. That proves the seriousness of the players and management. And my great desire is to become one of the players in the academy..

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