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Scorpion FC, currently rock bottom in the MTN Elite One, is the “baby brother” of Garoua, the capital of the North Province in Cameroon. Cotonsport FC, the best club in Cameroon, gets most of the attention and more importantly, most of the talented players in the region. I have taken a closer look at the team who will struggle hard to avoid relegation this season.

Charlie Ekoa Kouma is the first choice goalkeeper of the team. Ekoa Kouma was backup goalkeeper at Canon Yaoundé last season.

The defence is centered around veteran Georges Eyidi Banimb (born 23.10.1979) and Paul Sarwissi. Telli Tchoanfine Padé, who was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team in 2010, is also an interesting central defender. I believe Souleymanou Dori, formerly of Danay Yagoua, and Charles Matakon are regular full-backs.

Eyidi Banimb is one of several players signed from Ngaoundéré University FC before the new season. Ngaoundéré University FC was relegated last season and the leaders of Scorpion FC have done well to sign some of the best players from the club, including Kalba Bebdang, Moussa Saïdou and attacking midfielder Oumarou Sanda (born 06.11.1982), formerly of Cotonsport FC. Especially Saïdou has done well and is now an established player. Pierre Fanguargue (born 31.12.1980) and Eric Toukour are both important midfielders.

Scorpion FC is sorely missing their top scorers from last season. Ismaël Mamane from Niger travelled to Hassania d’Agadir (Morocco) and Patrick Naï joined YOSA. Abdouraman Siddi and Moussa Nassourou (born 17.04.1985) will have to score more goals if Scorpion FC shall retain their top level status. Nassourou scored 11 goals for Cotonsport FC in 2007 and played top level football for Roumdé Adjia FC in 2009-2010.

André Ngon did well for CNIC-UIC de Douala at second level last season but has yet to score for his new club.

List of scorers so far this season (7 goals):

Pierre Fanguargue 2, Moussa Nassourou 2, Abdouraman Siddi 2.

The goalscorer against Union Douala on 14.03.2012 is currently unknown. 

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