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At the time of writing, Alassane Diallo of US Gorée has scored six goals in the Ligue 1 2011-2012. Diallo has played approximately 10 matches and an average of 0,6 goals per match is quite impressive in the Senegalese league. Diallo is the star striker of US Gorée, a club playing their home matches in Dakar, despite originating from the Gorée Island, located 2 kilometres at sea from the main harbor of the Senegalese capital.

My first record of Diallo is from the Ligue 1 2010. Diallo scored at least two league goals for US Gorée, but it seems likely that he scored at least one more goal.

After the season, during the early parts of 2011, Diallo travelled to Lebanon and top level side Safa Beirut SC. Not much is known about the foreign adventures of Diallo. It is uncertain whether Diallo actually signed a contract, or if he was only attending trials. According to, Diallo did not score any goals for Safa Beirut SC from November 2010 to March 2011.

In March 2011, Diallo returned to Senegal and the Ligue 1 2010-2011 proved to be a breakthrough season for Diallo. Diallo played his first match of the season on 22.03.2011 (Week 11). Despite missing 1/3 of the season, Diallo scored at least six goals in approximately 20 matches. There are three goals unaccounted for during the season and it seems likely that Diallo scored at least one of these goals.

After the season, in October / November 2011, Diallo was part of the Senegal B national football team for the 2011 UEMOA Tournament. Apparently, Diallo had a good tournament as Senegal B eventually became champions. Diallo started the final match but did not score a goal during the tournament.

In February 2012, Diallo was training with “Les Lions de la Teranga”, the Senegal national football team. This clearly shows that Diallo is currently regarded as one of the top strikers in the Senegalese league.

Diallo is described as a burly striker who plays with both feet. He is effective as a centre forward but also likes to attack from the flanks.

The date of birth of Diallo is currently unknown. As far as I know, Diallo has never played for Senegal U-17, Senegal U-20 or Senegal U-23, making it difficult to estimate his age.

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  1. Dear Alle,

    thank you for pointing out my mistake! You are 100 percent correct and I have now replaced the picture with a team photo of US Gorée. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a photo of Diallo but he is definitely an interesting player. Thanks for your kind words about my article. Best, Øivind Henrik

  2. The photo you have is of Pape Cire Dia, last year’s top scorer I believe! Great article, I’ll be keeping an eye on him!

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