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Thanks to the brilliant homepage of ASEC Mimosas,, I am able to make a complete statistical review of their campaign in the MTN Ligue 1 2011, including their ten matches in the “Super Division Ligue 1”. The total amount of matches played is 22.

Name Position D.O.B. Nat. Matches Goals
ABLAKOR, Yao Yves D 03.05.1992 CIV 9 0
ADOU, Francois G 24.11.1981 CIV 1 0
BAKAYOKO, Adama F 01.01.1986 CIV 19 5
BAMBA, Yacouba M 30.11.1991 CIV 8 0
BOUAH, Koffi Davy F 20.09.1986 CIV 8 2
BOUGOUHI, Jean-Jacques F 12.06.1992 CIV 12 1
CISSÉ, Adama G 31.12.1992 CIV 4 0
COMOÉ, Katalin D 20.10.1991 CIV 11 0
DALI, Elvis M 01.08.1990 CIV 2 0
DIOMANDÉ, Hamed Hervé D 17.06.1988 CIV 16 2
DOGBA GNAGBO, Ange Pacome F 04.02.1991 CIV 7 1
DOLE, Mederic M 09.06.1991 CIV 2 0
HALIDOU, Garba Idrissa F 03.07.1982 NIG 4 2
KAPLAKA, Gouantohou M 02.03.1990 CIV 2 0
KAYODE, Olarenwaju F 08.05.1993 NGA 11 4
KOFFI, Gauthier D 29.01.1991 CIV 14 0
KONÉ, Bakary M 15.04.1989 CIV 17 2
KOUAKOU, N’Doua Patrick Iréné M 20.03.1988 CIV 18 9
MANGOUA, Késsé F 15.12.1984 CIV 20 1
MENSAH, Brefo M 21.10.1992 GHA 10 0
N’GOSSAN, Antoine M 30.11.1990 CIV 8 1
OKOU, Zahui D 11.06.1988 CIV 21 5
SANKARA, Robert D 18.02.1985 BFA 10 0
SANOGO, Moussa G 13.08.1987 CIV 12 0
SEKYERE, Mark M 28.12.1989 GHA 14 1
SÉRY, Jean Michael M 19.07.1991 CIV 10 0
SOGODOGO, Lamine D 17.12.1987 CIV 15 1
YEBOAH, Daniel G 13.11.1984 CIV 6 0
ZAGBAYOU, Hugues Evrad M 14.05.1990 CIV 17 0

* Please note that it seems uncertain whether ASEC used any substiutes in the Round 13 match against Issia Wazi FC on 02.10.2011. It is therefore possible that 1-3 of the following players have one more match played: Mederic Dole, Adama Cissé, Gauthier Koffi, Adama Bakayoko, Jean Michael Sery.

In December 2011, published some interesting articles about the performances of the ASEC-players during the MTN Ligue 1 2011. The players were placed in three different groups: “Les Tops”, “Les Moyens” (meaning “Average”) or “Les Flops”.

“Les Tops”

Robert Sankara – the Burkinabe central defender is described as a warrior and a perfect partner for Hamed Hervé Diomandé. Sankara is a leader on the pitch and his first season at ASEC has been a success. Sankara will participate in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations for Burkina Faso.

Zahui Okou – a key performer in the left side of the central defence. The picture is of Okou and is taken from











N’Doua Patrick Iréné Kouakou – the goalscoring midfielder was actually top scorer for ASEC. Interstingly, the skilful playmaker was also top scorer in 2010, with 8 goals in 25 matches. Kouakou is a big favourite of coach Sébastien Desabre and I have always wondered why bigger clubs seems to ignore this consistent quality player.

Késsé Mangoua – the powerful winger cemented his place in the first team but his goalscoring record did not impress anyone. Mangoua managed five goals in 2010 but scored only once in 2011. Nevertheless, Mangoua is a very important player for ASEC.

Bakary Koné – the explosive midfielder had a major breakthrough this season and recently joined Wydad Casablanca(Morocco).

Brefo Mensah – the Ghanaian left-winger is arguably the revelation of the Ivorian season, impressing with his amazing skills. The fans of ASEC have recently named Mensah as “Player of the season” – with 46,78 percent of the votes.

Mensah was presented in my post from 26.08.2011:

Here is a video clip of Mensah, showing some of his skills:

“Les Moyens”

Hugues Evrad Zagbayou, Mederic Dole, Mark Sekyere, Adama Bakayoko, Yacouba Bamba, Gauthier Koffi, Moussa Sanogo, Yao Yves Ablakor.

Striker Bakayoko recently signed for Raja Casablanca(Morocco).

“Les Flops”

Antoine N’Gossan (mostly because of injuries), Koffi Davy Bouah (seven goals in 15 matches last season, rather quiet this season), Ange Pacome Dogba Gnagbo (highly regarded player who I think will perform much better in 2012. A very powerful attacker who has  been likened to compatriot Didier Drogba), Garba Idrissa Halidou (never seemed to recover from a injury early in the season),  Jean-Jacques Bougouhi (the centre-forward is still widely considered as a major talent and a future top striker), Olarenwaju Kayode (had a wonderful start to the season but was largely dissapointing after returning from the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup. The Nigerian striker was presented in my post from 07.06.2011:, Jean Michael Séry (huge potential but primarily a fringe player during 2011), Gouantohou Kaplaka (only a total of five matches during his two seasons at ASEC), Elvis Dali (fringe player at the left-wing), Lamine Sogodogo (usually a brilliant defender but apparently, Sogodogo had his worst season at ASEC), Katalin Comoé (was considered as one of the most promising left-backs in the Ivory Coast a few seasons ago. Needs to get his career back on track), Daniel Yeboah (usually a rock-solid goalkeeper but strangely insecure in 2011), Francois Adou (only one match between the sticks and conceded five goals).

It’s a lot of interesting reading at The fans of ASEC were asked which defender in the MTN Ligue 1 they wanted for the 2012 season and interestingly, their former central defender Didier Boris Kadio (born 05.04.1990) was picked. Kadio is currently at SO Armée. Goalkeeper Daniel Yeboah is apparently unsettled and the fans were asked which goalkeeper they wanted to replace him. Tiasse Koné (born 11.11.1981) of Issia Wazi FC and Badra Ali Sangaré (born 30.05.1986) of Séwé Sport are the favourites. The preferred striker of the ASEC-fans is 25-year old Samba Diabaté of Stella Club d’Adjamé. Personally, I would have voted for Yannick Zakri of AFAD:

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