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LIGUE 1 2011-2012 IN SENEGAL

The Senegalese Ligue 1 2011-2012 will start tomorrow. In this post, I am focusing on the new players at the different clubs.


Casa Sport has signed the talented attacker Mamadou Diatta Ndiaye from their neighbors in Ziguinchor, Zig-Inter FC. Here is a clip showing some of his qualities:

Ndiaye is joined by two of his teammates at Zig-Inter FC, attacker Baba Kobena Koussounou Kébé and midfielder Alioune Tendeng. Ndiaye and Tendeng was part of the Senegal B national football team earlier this year. All three players are teenagers and apparently highly regarded in the youth football of Senegal.

Other new signings are experienced goalkeeper Pape Souleymane Sané (born 11.11.1978) from Guédiawaye FC and striker Pape Sané from ASC Diaraf. Defensive midfielder Ismaïla Diarra Badji is back at the club after a stint at Touré Kounda.

Casa Sport has apparently signed a couple of players from Guinea Bissau but their identities are still unknown.

Earlier this month, it was reported that midfield general Stéphane Badji (born 29.05.1990) would join Sogndal IL in Norway but this seems a bit uncertain at the moment. It is also uncertain whether star striker Emile Paul Tendeng (born 09.03.1992) will play for Casa Sport during the Ligue 1 2011-2012.


A few days ago, Mbeuleukhé.net published the following list of “arrivals” and “departures”:

ARRIVES: Ils ont signé:
Momar Ndione, Babacar Teuw, Babacar Wilier, Cheikh Ilimane Gueye, Poucou Ambroise Mendy, Amadou Cisse Diedhiou, Macoumba Niang, Morry Toure, Baba Sow, Amath Fall, Pathè Pouye, Mouhamadou Abdoulaye Dieng, Joseph Daniel Mendy, Momar Junior Gaye, Cherif Sow, Lamine Badji, Aliou Sakho, Mouhamed Traorè

DEPARTS: Ils ont quitté:
Fidel Gomis, Ibrahiam Sorry Soumah, Mamadou Ndickè Kane,Mamadou Lamine Sarr, Diouma Top, Mame Boye Ndiongue, Alphousseynou Kamara, Mamadou Dia, Mamadou Lamine Seydi, Mouhamed Doucourè, El hadj Mady Manga, Khaly Diakhatè, Jean Luck Andrè Mansal”

Later the same day, the following squad list was published:

Mor Ndione, Babacar Teuw, Babacar Wilier, Macodou Diouf
Cheikh Tidiane Sene, Ibrahima Ndiaye, Cheikh Ilimane Gueye, Poucou Ambroise Mendy, Pape Moussa Gueye
Cheikh Bamba Sarr, Arona Ka, Alphousseynou Oula Camara, Alboury Ndao, Ibra Ndao, Amadou Cisse Diedhiou, Macoumba Niang, Pape Alassane Samb,Mourry Toury.Mouhamed Traoré,
Baba Sow, Amath Fall, Mouhamed Abdoulaye Dieng, Joseph Daniel Mendy, Momar junior Gaye, Cherif Sow, Lamine Badji, Aliou Sakho, Pathè Pouye.”

In other words, ASC Dahra is experiencing a mass exodus of players. Right-back Mamadou Ndické Kané, defender Mohamed Lamine Sarr, playmaker Fidel Gomis and Guinean midfielder Ibrahima Sory Soumah has left the team. All four players were regular and important players last season.

Gomis, fondly called “Messi” by the fans of ASC Dahra, has signed for ASC Diaraf, Soumah has joined champions US Ouakam, while Sarr will defend at Touré Kounda during the Ligue 1 2011-2012. The whereabouts of Kané are unknown.

When it comes to the new players, there are not many well-known names to find. Amath Fall could be the former attacker of ASC HLM, born 30.11.1988. Amadou Cissé Diédhiou is most likely the former player of Renaissance de Yoff. I have to say that ASC Dahra looks like relegation candidates this season.


There are not many news to report regarding Dakar Université Club, widely known as DUC. However, the club will be missing the services of their excellent goalkeeper Ousseynou Ndiaye who has joined ambitious Touré Kounda. Watch out for Famara Mané the coming season.


It’s wonderful that the world famous academy of Diambars will be playing at top level of Senegalese football this season. There seems to be an endless stream of talents emerging from this academy.

I have not read about new players, except returnee midfielder Thierno Moukhtar Thioune (born 10.10.1989) who played for Touré Kounda last season.

Some of the players that I expect to impress during the Ligue 1 2011-2012 are:

Ousseynou Boye – a notorious goal-poaching striker who was top scorer for Diambars during the Ligue 2 2010-2011, apparently with 13 league goals.

Pape Alioune Ndiaye – talented midfielder who was a trialist at FK Bodø/Glimt (Norway) in October 2011. He was 20 years old at the time and was described as a quick, versatile quality player. The Norwegian outfit wanted to sign the player but no agreement was made at the time.

Salim Mamadou Ndao – hard-running central midfielder born 20.02.1991, apparently173 centimeters and 59 kilos.

Emmanuel Gomis – attacking midfielder / striker born 21.05.1990. Apparently 171 centimeters and 61 kilos.

Souleymane Cissé – talented left-winger born 02.08.1990. Apparently 176 centimeters and 53 kilos.


There are a lot of changes at the top club ASC Diaraf. Some of their new players are Fidel Gomis (ASC Dahra), Vito Badiane and Karamba Diallo(AS Douanes), Alpha Oumar Sow (US Sénart-Moissy, France), Ibou Séné Diouf (ASC Niary Tally) and El Hadji Pape Seye Diallo (Guédiawaye FC)

Some of the players that left are Issa Sarr (AS Pikine), Mourchid Iyane Ly (ASC Linguère), Pape Amadou Touré (Touré Kounda), Abdoulaye Ndiaye (AS Douanes), Pape Sané (Casa Sport) and Abdou Chafi Sow (US Gorée).


Attacker Abdoulaye Ndiaye (born 01.12.1989) from ASC Diaraf could prove to be an important signing. But the club will obviously miss their key players Karamba Diallo, Vito Badiane (both ASC Diaraf) and Abdoulaye Sané (Stade Rennes, France).


Abdou Chafi Sow is arguably one of the best central defenders in the Ligue 1. Sow starred for ASC Diaraf last season but signed for US Gorée a few months ago, obviously a great signing. Mamadou Niang (born 10.11.1989), another newcomer, had a disappointing season at ASC HLM in 2010-2011 but is nevertheless a highly regarded striker. Watch out for the up and coming striker Alassane Diallo.


GFC was a rather anonymous club last season but now they have a new sponsor and financial muscles. However, at the time of writing it is difficult to find information about new signings.


The lost son of ASC La Linguère, Mourchid Iyane Ly (born 28.12.1986), is back at the club. Ly had several successful seasons at Linguère before travelling to China in 2009.


Niary Tally looks strong this season and has made several interesting signings. Goalkeeper Bity Sy (born 06.08.1987), midfielder Abdou Diallo, central defender Sidath Ndiaye and striker Abdou Sall joins from the relegated club ASC Jeanne d’Arc. Sy has been one the best goalkeepers in the league for several years. Pape Marcelin Faye is back at Niary Tally after a loan spell at ASC Jeanne d’Arc last year. Talented left-back Adiouma Gaye (born 05.12.1992) is signed from ASC HLM.

However, the big name signing is arguably the powerful striker Pape Thiaw (born 05.02.1987), with 16 full international matches for Senegal (5 goals) and an impressive career in Switzerland and France.


Guinean midfielder Ibrahima Sory Soumah (formerly of ASC Dahra) joins his compatriot Karifa Kourouma at US Ouakam. Left-winger Kourouma, perhaps the most exciting player in the league, was strongly linked to AS Pikine but looks set for a new season at USO. Midfielders Abdou Diémé and Baye Serigne Mbaye joins from ASEC Ndiambour Renaissance de Yoff, respectively.


AS Pikine could be a contender for the title this season. Several quality players have been brought to the ambitious club. The most interesting newcomer is arguably the box-to-box midfielder Issa Sarr (born 09.10.1986) from ASC Diaraf, a player that has many of the same qualities as Yaya Touré of FC Barcelona. It seems uncertain whether defender Mor Soumaré and central midfielder Djibril Sidibé, both players of ASC Diaraf, has joined AS Pikine.

Pape Diatta Ndiaye, Abdoulaye Dieng (born 08.12.1989) and Gorgui Assane Diouf all joins from Guédiawaye FC. Ndiaye is a quality goalkeeper that could claim the number one shirt.

Séga Diop, Clement Emile Séné and Cheick Mbacké Diop all joins from ASC Yakaar. Diop, the top scorer at Yakaar last season, is especially interesting,

Playmaker Boubacar Toumany Diop (born 30.12.1985) was the captain and one of the best players at CSS Richard-Toll last season. A great signing by AS Pikine. Diop has expressed that he joined AS Pikine to win titles.

Attacking midfielder Abdoulaye Badiane and striker Mouhamadou Ndiaye, fondly referred to as “Davala”, are new signings from ASC Niary Tally. Ndiaye is presented in this clip:

Petit playmaker Cheikh Sy is an interesting newcomer from Syrian outfit Al-Wahda. Sy is a former player of AS Douanes. Demba Gadio, a former player of FC Bihor Oradea in Romania and Guédiawaye FC. Gadio is a centre forward, apparently 193 centimeters tall. The picture is of Gadio and is taken from


I have not been able to find information about new players at CSS.


Goalkeeper Ousseynou Ndiaye, formerly of DUC, could prove to be one of the best signings of the season. Striker Oumar Touré Lo has been in and out of the team at ASC Diaraf since 2008 and will hope for a regular place in the attack of Touré Kounda. 1992-born Mouhamed Foula Dabo is an exciting midfielder, formerly of Yeggo Foot Pro. Other new players include defender Mohamed Lamine Sarr (ASC Dahra) and the talented left-back Pape Amadou Touré (born 24.12.1991) from ASC Diaraf.


I have not been able to find information about new players at Yakaar.


The newly promoted club has a reputation for producing exciting talents. Look out for left-back Omar Baldé and striker Alboury Fall.


  1. Imagine if Soumare and Sidibe joined Sarr at Pikine! Another great article, I’m glad the season finally started too!

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