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On 14.12.2011, I presented the new attacker of Cotonsport FC, Jusly Gitel Boukama Kaya from the Republic of Congo. I will now present one of their other newcomers, the Togolese international Djene Dakonam. I am pretty sure that Cotonsport FC has made a scoop by signing this exciting defensive strongman.

Dakonam made waves in Togolese media during 2010 when he starred for the Togo U-20 national football team, apparently captaining the team. At the time, Dakonam was playing in the Championnat National du Bénin and the club Tonnerre d’Abomey FC from Bohicon. Dakonam had earlier, most likely in 2009, made a surprise move from Étoile Filante de Lomé, based in the Togolese capital, to Beninese football.

However, this later proved to be a stroke of genius as Dakonam made some truly impressive performances in the Beninese league. Eventually, Dakonam was asked to switch nationality and play for the Benin national football team. In November 2010, Dakonam was named in the preliminary squad of the Benin B national football team for the 2010 UEMOA-tournament. Togo had to act quickly and the same month, Dakonam was named in the squad of “Les Eperviers”, the Togo national football team.

Dakonam decided to be loyal to his home country and during 2011, Dakonam played for both the Togo B national football team and “Les Eperviers”.

Dakonam’s main positions are central defender, right-back or defensive midfielder. He is described as a true leader, a hard worker, a solid passer of the ball and a disciplined player that steps up when needed the most. He is pretty much built like a rock and looks very strong. There are two videos found on Youtube showing glimpses of his qualities:

The date of birth of Dakonam is unknown. According to trustworthy sources, Dakonam was 20 years old in June 2011. However, according to the first video from Youtube, Dakonam is born 31.12.1991. Despite the confusion, it seems likely that Dakonam is born in 1990 or 1991.

Many followers of Togolese and Beninese football will know Djene Dakonam as “Ortega”, which he is fondly called. He often uses the name “Djene Dakonam Ortega”.

I find it exciting that Cotonsport FC is able to sign a full international player from Togo. Dakonam is definitely one of the rising stars of Togolese football and it seems likely that he will impress in the 2012 MTN Elite One and the 2012 CAF Champions League.


  1. I know the youngster personnally for having been his secondary school teacher. He is truly smart and both awfully physical and pleasingly tactical as a polyvalent defender. We just can’t help talking of him presently in Togo. He is one of the undoubted assets the country will be relying on during the coming African Nations Cup in South Africa. Soon and very soon, he will inescapably reach the best championships in the world.

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