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Recently, I have received some comments regarding the fact that I’ve several times written that the brilliant central defender John Ashong of AshantiGold SC is born 02.11.1981. Ashong, arguably one of the best defenders in the GLO Premier League, has been in great form the last couple of years and I am not surprised that he has caught the eye of bigger clubs. Obviously, it is of great interest whether Ashong is a talented youngster or a “veteran” according to Ghanaian football standards.

The first time I mentioned Ashong on my blog was on 31.10.2010. At this time, I had only one source of information regarding the age of Ashong: the official squad list of Hasaacas FC, taken from the Ghana Football Association. A PDF-copy of this official document is attached below:


The document contains the following information: John Ashong of Hasaacas FC is born 02.11.1981 and is a former player of “Fairpoint FC”.

Based on the above, I wrote (in good faith) that Ashong is born 02.11.1981. It is a fact that the “John Ashong” of AshantiGold SC is the same “John Ashong” that played for Hasaacas FC.

In February 2011, the Confederation of African Football published the squad of the Ghana B national football team for the African Nations Championship (CHAN). Ashong was included in the squad and was, surprisingly to me, registered with the date of birth 02.11.1990.

After studying the squad list, I concluded that it was not very trustworthy, which I also wrote about in my post from 06.03.2011:

At the official Ghana-squad list for the CHAN tournament in Sudan, I was very surprised to read the following date of birth of three Berekum Chelsea-players:

Mohammed Abdul Basit – 10.12.1990

Yaw Alexander – 21.02.1991

Obed Owusu – 16.04.1989

I have previously written that Basit is born 19.01.1986, that Alexander is born 06.01.1987 and that Owusu is born 16.04.1985. All date of births are taken from official player registration documents published on before the 2008-2009 season.

It is difficult to track Basit’s career but I know that he joined Great Olympics from Heart of Lions FC in the middle of the 2007-2008 season.

Yaw Alexander played for Tano Bofoakwa in 2006-2007 and Brong Ahafo United FC in 2005-2006.

I find it really hard to believe that he is born in 1991. Alexander was also training with the Ghana U-23 national football team during 2006.

Obed Owusu played for Okwawu United FC during the 2004 season.”

Here is a PDF-copy of the player registration document I am referring to:


Based on my conclusion, I could not see any reason to start writing that Ashong was born 02.11.1990 and not 02.11.1981. From my point of view, the player registration document from Ashong’s days at Hasaacas FC seemed more trustworthy.

It should also be mentioned that the career information of Ashong give very few leads to whether Ashong is born in 1981 or 1990. I am not able to track his career back any further than the GLO Premier League 2008-2009, when Ashong was a star played at Hasaacas FC.

However, when Ashong was a trialist at South African club Kaizer Chiefs FC this summer, several sources stated that he was 30 years old at the time:

To sum things up: obviously, I am not sure that Ashong is 31 years old but it seems likely based on the above. In any case, I think Ashong is such a quality player that he deserves a chance in a bigger league, regardless of his age. Ashong is a tall, hard-tackling, powerful, rugged defender and a true leader in the heart of the AshGold-defence. He is not too bad with the ball in his feet and he must be a nightmare to meet for any striker in the GLO Premier League.

The picture of Ashong is taken from Ashong is the player in the middle.


  1. I wish to informed you that the above date of birth of John ashong is incorrect but rather (2-11-1990) but not (2-11-1981)Hope to see your notification as soon as possible
    Thank you

    Yours faithfully,


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