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I think it is fair to say that the Cameroonian champions Cotonsport FC must have some of the best scouts in Africa. Almost every season, Cotonsport FC signs interesting players from other francophone countries in Africa, including Burkina Faso, Mali, the Republic of Congo, Chad, Gabon and the Central African Republic. Before the MTN Elite One 2010-2011, Cotonsport FC signed central midfielder Chardin Madila Mfoutou (born 15.04.1990) from the Republic of Congo, midfielder Brice Zimbori (born 22.05.1989) from the Central African Republic and defender Amadou Kader (born 03.04.1989) from Niger. All players made a great impact in the team.

Based on the above, I had naturally looked forward to find information about the new signings of Cotonsport FC ahead of the MTN Elite One 2012. When I read the team sheet of Cotonsport FC for the final in the Coupe du Cameroun against Unisport FC, played on 11.12.2011, I was excited to find the name “Boukama Kaya” on the list of substitutes.

Boukama Kaya, whose full name is Jusly Gitel Hermelin Boukama Kaya, is one of the most talented players from the Republic of Congo. Before joining Cotonsport FC, Boukama Kaya was a star player for AC Léopard, based in the city Dolisie in the western part of the Republic of Congo. Boukama Kaya was part of the team that participated in the CAF Confederation Cup 2011, gaining valuable international experience. Before joining AC Léopard, Boukama Kaya was playing for Diables Noirs Brazzaville (during the 2009-season), Pigeon Vert Pointe-Noire, Olympique de Nkayi and the Centre National de Formation de Football (CNFF).

Boukama Kaya is a striker or a deep-lying, “wandering” forward / attacking midfielder. He is often used as a playmaker and is fondly referred to as “Messi” because of his creativity. He is a great dribbler and is apparently able to confuse opponents with his thunderbolt shots from impossible angles. Boukama Kaya has been praised in local Congolese media sources, being described as a star in the making.

Boukama Kaya is rather petit, apparently 167 centimeters and 62 kilos. However, this could very well be “Africa height” as he seems somewhat bigger on pictures I have seen. According to, Boukama Kaya is born 05.02.1993. The same birthdate was registered when Boukama Kaya featured in the 2009 Jeux de la Francophonie in Lebanom. Boukama Kaya will therefore turn 19 about month into the new season.

Boukama Kaya has been a regular member of various national teams of the Republic of Congo. As already mentioned, Boukama Kaya played for his country in the 2009 Jeux de la Francophonie, a tournament for U-20 players. Bouakama Kaya was also part of the Republic of Congo U-20 national football team during 2010. In September / October 2010, Boukama Kaya made a huge impression during the 2010 CEMAC Cup, starring for the Republic of Congo B national football team. Boukama Kaya scored the winning goal when Congo won 2-1 against Chad in the Group A match on 28.09.2010. On 03.10.2010, Boukama Kaya scored a penalty goal when Congo managed to hold favorites Cameroon to a 1-1 draw in the final match, eventually winning the penalty shoot-out.

A week later, on 10.10.2010, Boukama Kaya made a substitute appearance for the Republic of Congo national football team in the CAF Nations Cup qualifying match against Swaziland. Boukama Kaya has also been part of the senior squad during 2011, for instance in the high-profile match against Ghana on 27.03.2011. During 2011, Boukama Kaya has also played for the Republic of Congo U-23 national football team during the qualification for the 2012 London Olympics.

I will not be surprised if Boukama Kaya is a household name after the MTN Elite One 2012, that will apparently will kick off on 07.01.2012.

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