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The new Cameroonian season will apparently start on 07.01.2012. Here are some of the transfer news I have found during the last couple of weeks. Please note that the transfers are still not confirmed and some of them could very well only be rumors.  

* Midfielder Dourwe Taoga, last season’s captain of Scorpion FC, has apparently signed for Astres de Douala. Striker Kelvin Agbor (born 11.07.1987) is a new signing from Tiko United FC. Midfielder Mbeleg Inouni (born 08.06.1988) and winger Gervais Megonte from Caiman Club could be quality signings. Playmaker Alain Assana (born 17.01.1986) from Ngaoundéré University FC is an experienced player who should do well.

* On 09.11.2011, Le Jour published the 2012 squad of Astres de Douala:

L’effectif des Astres ( 2011-2012)

Anciens joueurs

1- Nesnen Ndemen Feuleu

2- Lawrence Ngomè Ngoé

3- Eugène Menjengoué Ngandjui

4- Joseph Julien Momaso

5- Christian Heumi Kabon

6- Jacob Nicanor Youmbi Epandi

7- Stéphane Deffo Kamdem

8- Nformi Brillant Munki

9- Patrick Ndjalong Ndoumi

10- Saint Christ Nyamsi Bikima

11- Mahamat Amadou

12- Ernest Nsombo

13- Yannick Litizi Epanè Epanè

14- Thierry Tchuente

15- Serge Rodrigue Miétchop

16- Francky Essombo

17- Jean Patrick Abouna Ndzana

18- Ngomo A Mougnol

19- Rodrigue Wamou

Nouveaux joueurs

1- Kelvin Agbor (Tiko United)

2- Kostka Atanga Effa (Apejes de Mfou)

3- Aimé Tonny (Canon de Yaoundé)

4- Jean-Jacques Inouni Mbeleg (Caïman de Douala) 

5- Christophe Axel Nkouandou (Arsenal de Yaoundé)

6- Steve Joël Alain Mimche (Botafogo de Douala)

7- Gervais Megonté Njopguep  (Caïman de Douala)

8- Alain Assana (Ngaoundere University)

9- Joël Armand Ndzana (As Fortuna de Yaoundé)

10- Jacques Joseph Bisseck (Bama Fc de Douala)

11- Dughains Kenmoe (Germinal de Yaoundé)

12- Valéry Nonfor (Coton sport de Garoua)

13-Landry Jean De Dieu Kamga (Noblesse du Ndé)

14- Guy Steve Moussy Bodiong (Lausanne de Yaoundé)

15- Aimé Gérard Mangolo (Algérie)

16- Dourwe Taoga (Espérance de Guider)

* According to some sources, Jean Efala Komguep (born 11.08.1992), the most promising goalkeeper in Cameroon, has left second level club Fovu Club de Baham and joined the champions Cotonsport FC. Another interesting new signing is defensive midfielder Fils Bapidi (born 08.03.1989) who will need to get his career back on track after a few quiet seasons at Espérance Sportive de Tunis.

* Unisport FC has apparently signed midfielders Gérard Bakinde Bilong and Jean Parfait Tchoubia from Union de Douala, goalkeeper Aboubakar Abdoul Aziz (born 11.06.1987) from Ngaoundéré University FC, attacker Joseph Aboueme (born 05.05.1986), right-back Hervé Ngane Ayo from Tiko United FC, goalkeeper Junior Lohis Itondo Djoky (born 12.10.1982) from Canon de Yaoundé and the interesting youngster Charles Eloundou Etoundi from AS Fortuna. Eloundou Etoundi was recently named in the squad of the Cameroon U-17 national football team.

* Newly promoted New Stars FC Douala has apparently signed experienced defender Ahmadou Ngomna (born 04.12.1983). Ngomna, formerly of Cotonsport FC, has been playing in Oman until recently. According to Fecafoot, right-back Paul Roland Bebey Kingué (born 09.11.1986) has also joined the newcomers from Astres de Douala.

* Tiko United FC has lost several interesting players but has signed attacking midfielder Oumarou Sanda (born 06.11.1982) from Ngaoundéré University FC.

* Panthere Sportive has been active on the transfer marked. Here are some of their new signings:

Joseph Kajo Kameni (winger – born 21.10.1988) – from Unisport FC

Hamgue Armand Tchangue (midfielder – born 28.11.1987) – from Unisport FC

Rodrigue Feukou Kengne (central defender – born 08.03.1980) – from Unisport FC

Collins Maifanya (goalkeeper – born 20.01.1991) – from Unisport FC

Franklin Tchebenou Ngue (midfielder – born 03.08.1983) – from Fovu Club de Baham Sportive

Alain Nyemeck (goalkeeper) – from Ngaoundéré University FC

* Canon de Yaoundé has great expectations to new midfielder Alhadji Alioum Bouba from Sahel FC de Maroua.

* YOSA has made some interesting signings:

Patrick Naï (striker – born 27.01.1992) – from Scorpion FC

Eyoum Ebongue (central defender) – from Caiman Club

Valère Bidias (striker) – from Aigle Royal

Alioum Kada (midfielder – born 03.09.1988) – from Scorpion FC

Paul Valery Minane (striker – born 29.07.1988) – from Cotonsport FC

Their former key player Jude Kongnyuy (attacker – born 05.05.1989) is apparently back at the club after a stint in Syria and Al-Ittihad. The picture is of Kongnyuy and is taken from

* Ambitious Union de Douala will apparently field an impressive midfield duo of Arnaud Monkam (born 22.02.1986), formerly of Cotonsport FC and SK Brann(Norway), and Franck Kom (born 18.09.1991), formerly of Panthère Sportive. Winger Clevis Tambe Ashu (born 01.01.1985) from Cotonsport FC is another great signing. Jean-Paul Ekane Ngah(born 28.08.1989) from Ngaoundéré University FC is the new right-back of the side. Union de Douala has apparently signed central defender Souleymanou Mandjombe (born 03.05.1987) from Tiko United FC. I also believe Union has signed the youngsters Serge Ane from the Friendship Academy in Douala and Rostand Junior Mbai from the Eugène Ekeke Academy in Douala. Both players are part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team.

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