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Yesterday, Ebusua Dwarfs won 1-0 against Berekum Arsenal FC. The only goal of the match was a beautiful long-range effort from the exciting midfielder Kwame Asimeng Frimpong.

The regular goalkeeper of Dwarfs is the highly talented Foli Adade (born 10.12.1992), arguably the most interesting teenage goalkeeper in Ghana. Adade always looks very confident and yesterday, he was completely flawless. If Adade was 10 centimeters taller, I am sure scouts would have been flocking to Cape Coast. Adade is a regular member of the Ghana U-20 national football team.

Abdul Razak played at left-back. Razak struggled with the right-side of Arsenal in the first half, but improved his performance in the second half. Razak is an attacking-minded player with pace and good stamina. Patrick Cole was steady, though unspectacular, at the right-back. The central defence of Dwarfs consisted of Stephen Aidoo (born 22.10.1986) and Rashid Sumaila (born 18.12.1992). The observant reader has probably noticed that I made a mistake, writing that Stephen Aidoo had joined Wassaman United FC. This turned out to be another “Stephen Aidoo”. Aidoo of Dwarfs is an intelligent and effective defender. Sumaila, widely regarded as the most talented central defender playing in Ghana, is strong as a bull and has good jumping, heading and tackling ability. He usually has a great awareness but seemed to lose his concentration a few times. If he is able to improve this part of his game, Sumaila will be a quality player. Sumaila won the “Best Defender Award” after the GLO Premier League 2010-2011.

Sumaila got injured towards the end of the match and was replaced with Richard Ocran. Ocran is a rather unknown player to me. He was apparently signed from Berekum Arsenal FC before the season. Ocran looked very strong and muscular and he did well to fill the shoes of Sumaila.

Dwarfs played a 4-3-3 formation with the quiet worker Richard Nyanful (born 01.02.1988) as a holding midfielder. Nyanful, known for work rate and tackling ability, has an important role at Dwarfs. Nyanful was surrounded by the creative Michael Amissah Insaidoo (born 11.08.1987) a bit to the right and Kwame Asimeng Frimpong (born 15.03.1992) a bit to the left. Insaidoo is usually a pleasure to watch with his dribbles and tricks, but yesterday he had a very quiet game. Insaidoo was substituted for Emmanuel Ackon. Ackon is a quick and skillful player who made a good impression.

Yesterday’s match was the first time I had the chance to really study Frimpong. I knew he was a very exciting player and he did not disappoint me. Frimpong impressed me with his close control and was able to hold the ball in midfield under pressure. He also has good vision and skill. The goal was a thunderbolt and his first goal of the season. Frimpong is obviously left-footed.

In August 2011, Frimpong was a trialist at AD Alcoron, a second level club in Spain. According to MTN Football, Frimpong signed a four year deal but this is not the case. Frimpong, a former star for the Ghana U-17 national football team, is still a key player at Dwarfs. The picture is from MTN Football and is taken from MTN Football.

The versatile John Arthur, signed from New Edubiase United FC before the season, played as a left-winger. I was really impressed with the work rate of this player. Arthur is very athletic and enthusiastic. He is definitely a player I will follow in the continuance. Arthur was replaced with Nicolas Gyan who stepped in at the left-wing and showed glimpses of quality.

It is interesting that Dwarfs are able to bring on quality players from the bench, especially Ackon and Gyan.

Captain Bismark Asiedu (born 17.09.1984) played at the right-wing although predominately left-footed. This makes him able to cut in from the middle, which suits his playmaker style of play.  The strongly built Asiedu is obviously a quality player but he should really work on his effectiveness. Seidu Bansi (born 15.05.1990) was the striker at Dwarfs and although hard working, Bansi failed to get into the game. However, he showed a few clinical finishes early on in the game and also had a wonderful shot that hit the crossbar. Bansi is a sharp shooting striker who can be invisible large parts of the game, but who never should be underestimated.

I have to say that Ebusua Dwarfs, still unbeaten after four rounds of the GLO Premier League 2011-2012, looks very strong this year. I’m not saying they are contenders for the title, but they could reach far if they manage to hold on to attractive key players such as Adade, Sumaila, Frimpong, Insaidoo and Bansi.

Berekum Arsenal FC played a decent match but was a bit too defensive. Their best player of the day was the goalkeeper, who is known as “Rashid Mutawuku” according to, and “Rashid Mutwawku” according to The goalkeeper is a former fringe player of Berekum Chelsea FC and was registered under the name “Rashid Mutawake” and with the birthdate 03.02.1986 before the 2009-2010 season. I am pretty sure that either “Mutawuku”, “Mutwawku” or “Mutawake” is the correct way to write his last name, but the goalkeeper, who did not seem to be more than 180 centimeters, showed excellent reflexes and had a great game. I have previously written that I thought George Cudjoe (born 01.08.1986) would be first choice this year but it now turns out that veteran Thomas Tuah Asare (born 17.03.1984) was registered this year too. In other words, Cudjoe seems to be the third choice at the time.

The revelation of the day was right-back Prince Ahenkan Adjei, who has been ever present so far this year. Adjei is an unknown player to me but he turned out to be a modern style right-back. He showed pace, good stamina and good crosses. Adjei gave Dwarfs left-back Abdul Razak a hard time. The left-back was Akwasi Awuni, another unknown player to me. Awuni struggled hard with his crosses and was rather anonym. The captain of Berekum Arsenal FC is Akwasi Acheampong (born 26.03.1991) who I personally think has become a very interesting central defender. Acheampong is calm, confident and disciplined. He is hard-tackling and strong in the duels. Although Acheampong had a good game, I was even more impressed with his partner in central defence, John Afrifa (born 03.12.1993). As far as I know, the youngster made his top level debut in this game. Afrifa was very enthusiastic, commanding and hard-working. He controlled Bansi and Asiedu with great effectiveness.

It was difficult to understand the formation of Berekum Arsenal FC. Abu Issah (born 11.07.1989) and Jafar Danjuma (born 12.12.1985) were central midfielders. I really like the holding midfielder Issah. He is very calm and provides intelligent passes. Danjuma is a bit more creative but still an honest worker. He did not have the best of games yesterday. Collins Agyei Pele (born 03.03.1986) seemed to play as an attacking, right-sided midfielder. Pele showed glimpses of his great skills but was not very effective. Pele was replaced with Bennett Ofori (born 10.03.1989). The lanky winger, usually one of the key players at Arsenal, did not impress the few minutes he played.

Joseph Masel (born 08.04.1984) seemed to play as an attacking, left-sided midfielder, but both Pele and Masel were wandering a lot, somewhat confusing to me. Masel could become an excellent player for Arsenal; he is exciting to watch, very fast and stands out in a rather grey Arsenal team. Masel seemed exhausted towards the end and was replaced with the hard-running Eric Asiedu.

The surprise of the match was that Arsenal chose to use goal poacher James Boadu (born 24.01.1985) in a very deep role. At times, Boadu almost seemed like a central midfielder and he was never in front of goal where he should have been. A disappointing performance from the player I personally think is the best attacker in the squad. Boadu was replaced with Augustine Kyere, a burly striker with rasta hair style, who made his debut for Berekum Arsenal FC. Kyere is an unknown player to me, but was obviously a center forward.

Enock Asare (born 15.05.1988) played as a striker but also wandered a lot. Asare rely on his pace and worked hard, running onto long balls.

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