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On Sunday, I had the pleasure of watching the GLO Premier League 2011-2012 Round 2 match between Aduana Stars FC and Medeama SC. Aduana Stars FC drew the longest straw when central defender Emmanuel Akuoko scored the only match of the game through a powerful header. This means that big-spending Medeama SC has lost their two first matches, which must be a small catastrophe for the ambitious club. The game was rather poor, but a hopeless field should take most of the blame.

Aduana Stars FC, somewhat surprisingly, benched regular first choice Stephen Adams (born 28.09.1984) for the talented Celestine Damptey (born 20.01.1992). The 19-year old had a very good match and played with a confidence rarely seen for such a young player. Damptey could very well be a real contender for the number one shirt this season. As always, Godfred Saka (born 02.11.1988) played at right-back and Francis Larbi (born 17.07.1992) played at left-back. I am a huge fan of Saka and I honestly cannot understand why he is not playing in a better league. Saka is dangerous from set-pieces, is very energetic and basically a modern-style right-back who sometimes remind me of Samuel Inkoom. Larbi was rather invisible from my point of view and at times he struggled with the hard working Hans Coffie. The central defensive pair of Aduana Stars FC, match-winner Emmanuel Akuoko and Johnson Adomah (born 05.06.1985) is simply brilliant. Akuoko is the more cultured of the two, while Adomah is one of the toughest defenders in the league. Both are dominant in the air and they controlled danger-man Louis Agyemang during the entire match.

The picture is of Godfred Saka and is taken from Ghanasoccernet.

It was interesting to see  Ebenezer Otu Tetteh (born 08.03.1991), a defensive midfielder signed from Berekum Chelsea FC, in action. The TV commentators were very impressed with the youngster. Personally, I think he worked hard but I did not find anything extraordinary about him. In any case, he will be interesting to follow this season. Tetteh was replaced with lively central midfielder Seth Opare (born 02.11.1987). Anthony Tawiah partnered Tetteh at the central midfield and did well. He seemed more creative than Tetteh and his understanding with captain Samuel Asiedu (born 27.11.1980) was positive. Asiedu played as a right-winger although he is normally a central midfielder. Asiedu is the most experienced and longest-serving member of the team and a great professional who is very calm with the ball in his feet. The strongman was replaced with central defender Gabriel Opoku-Ware (born 24.09.1978) in the dying minutes.

I had looked forward to see left-winger Daniel Darkwah but I was somewhat disappointed with this very exciting player. Darkwah was not very much involved but always seemed dangerous when he used his speed and skills.

Skillful Emmanuel Allan (born 09.06.1986) played as a deep-lying forward behind new signing Richard Arhin (born 09.11.1991), formerly of the Red Bull Academy. Both players worked hard but neither was effective. Allan is basically a traditional playmaker and Arhin seemed like a “counter attacker” who uses pace to beat defenders. Allan was eventually replaced with new signing Akwasi Addai-Apraku who played as a centre forward without making an impression.

Medeama SC also changed their goalkeeper from last match, replacing big name signing Stephen Ahorlu (born 05.09.1988) with last season’s first choice Mozart Adjetey. Adjetey was not brought into action more than a couple of times and he seemed steady enough, although some goalkeepers would have prevented the header from Akuoko. Nurudeen Yusif (born 28.08.1992) played at left-back, Augustine Sefa (born 13.03.1991) played at right-back and the central defenders were Eric Kwabena Adusei (born 03.06.1986) and Godfred Rockson (born 20.10.1986). Osei Berko (born 13.02.1989) seemed to play as a libero at times, shielding the central defenders. I missed attacking contributions from the highly regarded Yusif and he could learn from his colleague Sefa at the right. From my point of view, Augustine Sefa is top three when it comes to right-backs in the GLO Premier League. The way he tamed Daniel Darkwah was impressive and he also managed to cause havoc when he attacked. The central defenders and Berko did what you should expect from them and Allan and Arhin did not get to many chances thanks to the disciplined defenders. I am especially a fan of the powerful Adusei who is built like a rock and tackles with great passion. Rockson is a new signing from Heart of Lions FC while Berko joins from Berekum Arsenal FC.

The big disappointment of the match was Ekow Benson (born 23.04.1989). Benson is mostly used as a right-winger but played in a more central role this evening, which did not suit him. He seemed to lack the glow and passion he had in his best days at Tema Youth FC. Benson was replaced with midfielder Emmanuel Ephraim, a new signing form Tarkwa United FC. Kassim Adams (born 03.01.1993), a lanky central midfielder, is highly regarded in Ghana and he is apparently being followed by Italian top clubs. Adams is a brilliant ball-winner but not a great distributor. He could very well add some creativity to his game. Adams was replaced by right-winger Suleman Masawudu (born 09.09.1989), who was able to make some dangerous crosses. Jacob Asiedu Appau (born 12.10.1994) was the third player in the midfield constellation, playing a bit to the left. Appau is quite possibly the biggest teenage talent in Ghana at the moment and it is easy to see that this young man has a bright future in the beautiful game. His ball control is a joy to watch and this skillful playmaker will most likely be discovered by top clubs during the season. Appau was replaced by Kwame Adjei Bekoe, a central midfielder, formerly of Berekum Chelsea FC. Louis Agyemang (born 04.04.1983) and Hans Coffie (born 10.06.1989) formed the attacking duo. Agyemang is a notorious goal poacher and he was closely watched by Akuoko and Adomah. This gave space to the hard-running Coffie and this energetic player was at times impressive.


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