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* It is now confirmed that versatile defender Haman Daouda (born 13.08.1989), formerly of Cotonsport FC, has joined Astres Douala. A few years ago, Daouda was considered to be one of the biggest talents of Cameroonian football. Hopefully, his career will get back on track at ambitious Astres.

* A contact who has been scouting in Cameroon has been impressed with lanky striker Serge Fabrice Ngomo a Mougnol of Astres Douala. Ngomo a Mougnol is apparently born 20.07.1988 and has scored three league goals this season. He is a former player of Njalla Quan Sport Academy.

* Through contacts, I have found more information about Ernest Nsombo of Astres Douala. Nsombo, one of the revelations of the season, is apparently born 06.03.1991, is apprently 184 centimeters and 74 kilos. He is described as a fast, technical center forward who is strong in front of goal and a great header of the ball. Apparently, Nsombo plays with both feet.

* Joseph Julien Momasso (born 09.12.1985), the brilliant left-winger, is the official top scorer of Astres Douala for the MTN Elite One 2010-2011 with seven league goals. Center forward Philippe Ebonde Ebongue (born 27.10.1987) and Ernest Nsombo is runner-up, both with five league goals.

* Caïman de Douala was eventually relegated from the MTN Elite One 2010-2011 but some of their players should be able to get a contract with a top level side for the coming season. Jean Francis Dipita Ebelle (born 21.03.1988) scored at least eight league goals for the struggling side, including three goals in the last three matches. Dipita Ebelle is a former player of Astres Douala.

* According to trustworthy sources, Hilaire Momi (born 16.03.1990) of Cotonsport FC is the top scorer of the MTN Elite One 2010-2011 with 16 league goals.

* AS Lausanne from Yaoundé, quite amazingly, managed only four points in 26 matches and was naturally relegated. Most of the players are simply not good enough for the top level but some players could perhaps be able to secure deals at better clubs. I am primarily thinking of Willy Akono, formerly of Unisport FC, James Batomen Nkombou, formerly of Noblesse du Ndé, Roumde Adjia FC and part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team in 2009, and Guy Moussi, formerly of Ngaoundéré University FC.

* Ngaoundéré University FC is, somewhat sadly, relegated from the MTN Elite One 2010-2011. I expect that several clubs will make a move to secure the services of their key players, including goalkeeper Aboubakar Abdoul Aziz (born 11.06.1987), playmaker Alain Assana (born 17.01.1986), right-back Jean-Paul Ekane Ngah (born 28.08.1989), attacker Oumarou Herman Mounang and top strikers Felix Nzeina (born 11.12.1980) and Daouda Souaibou (born 20.03.1984). All players have experience at the highest level of Cameroonian football and could very well blossom at better clubs.

* I was very happy to learn that Renaissance FC de Ngoumou kept their place in the MTN Elite One. Renaissance won 2-1 against Scorpion on 24.07.2011 and the big hero was Sylvain Yves Ndjock who scored both goals. Ndjock is a completely unknown player to me, but he has featured regularly this season. Renaissance is the youngest team in the MTN Elite One and has several players in the various national football teams in Cameroon, including:

Patrick Anaba Metogo – attacker – Cameroon U-17

Camille Kamdem – attacking midfielder – Cameroon U-23

Thomas Junior Libiih – midfielder – Cameroon U-17

Joshua Mbuluba Ndoh – central defender – born 15.01.1992 – Cameroon U-20

Eric Ngana – goalkeeper – born 03.10.1992 – Cameroon U-20

Ferdinand Ngarwa  – goalkeeper – born 27.06.1991 – Cameroon B and Cameroon U-23

Marius Obekop Bedzigui – attacker – born 1994 – Cameroon U-17

Alix Bertin Ondobo Ebanga – midfielder – born 26.01.1990 – Cameroon B

Christian Toko Edimo – attacking midfielder – born 24.05.1993 – Cameroon U-20

Ibrahim Walidjo – defender- Cameroon B and Cameroon U-23

It is therefore fair to say that the survival of Renaissance FC could be important for the development of young, talented Cameroonian footballers.

* I have previously presented the exciting striker Mark Kipeh Pangwoh of Sable FC.

A video of Pangwoh can now be viewed at Youtube and he indeed looks like a powerful, interesting striker:

According to the video, the birthdate of Pangwoh is 08.01.1992 and he is apparently 185 centimeters. I cannot confirm this information and have previously written that I thought Pangwoh was born in 1989 or 1990.

* I expect that Hilaire Momi, the top striker of Cotonsport FC of Garoua, will be leaving Cameroonian football during the summer. I have a theory that the replacement of Momi could be found in Garoua, more precisely in the shape of strikers Patrick Naï (born 27.01.1992) and Ismaël Mamane from Scorpion FC, the “baby brother” of Cotonsport FC. Naï has scored at least seven league goals this season, while Mamane, from the Niger Republic, has scored at least five goals.

* Union Douala has signed an interesting player in Stephane Ngonlebe (born 08.09.1989). Ngonlebe played for the Malian top club AC Djoliba in 2009-2010. Innocent Williams Lock, a Nigerian striker, has also gotten some rave reviews during the last couple of months. I am trying to find out if this is the same “Innocent Williams” that had a stint at Tema Youth FC from Ghana in 2008.

* The following players from the MTN Elite One 2010-2011 will participate in the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Colombia from 29.07.2011 to 20.08.2011:


DOB: 04.05.1992

Position: Goalkeeper

Club: Sable FC

* Tangouatio, once on the radar of top club Arsenal FC, started the season as first choice goalkeeper at Sable FC, but Franck Olivier Zibi has taken over the number one shirt during the second part of the season.


DOB: 22.06.1991

Position: Left-back

Club: Cotonsport FC

* Bitolo has been one of the revelations of the season after joining champions Cotonsport FC from an amateur club called Musango FC.


DOB: 23.10.1992

Position: Central defender

Club: Astres Douala

* Arguably the biggest talent in local Cameroonian football in the center back position. Apparently 185 centimeters.  The picture is of Mvom and is taken from


DOB: 13.03.1993

Position: Attacker / winger

Club: Cotonsport FC

* Another great discovery by Cotonsport FC. Mbongo is apparently a product of a club called Jeunesse Sportive Saint Julio from Douala, and the current season is his first at top level. Mbongo has often been introduced as a substitute but has nevertheless made a great impression, scoring at least 5 league goals. The athletic striker loves to make dangerous runs inside the box.


DOB: 02.09.1992

Position: Attacking midfielder

Club: Astres Douala

* Playmaker with excellent skills and vision. As far as I know, Bitang has featured in about 50 percent of the matches of Astres this season, scoring one league goal.


DOB: 18.09.1991

Position: Defensive midfielder

Club: Panthère Sportive

* Energetic midfielder who always seems to recover the ball. Kom is a key player at Panthère.


DOB: 02.01.1993

Position: Attacking midfielder

Club: Canon Yaoundé

* Very creative attacking midfielder who joined Canon from Renaissance FC during the season.


DOB: 15.01.1992

Position: Central defender

Club: Renaissance FC de Ngoumou

* Strong central defender who joined Renaissance from Tiko United FC.


DOB: 14.04.1992

Position: Central defender

Club: Canon Yaoundé

* Mengue has been highly impressive in the central defence of Canon this season, his first at top level of Cameroonian football.


DOB: 03.10.1992

Position: Goalkeeper

Club: Renaissance FC de Ngoumou

* Ngana has been sharing the goalkeeping responsibilities at Renaissance with Ferdinand Ngarwa and Aimé William Nsangou.

* Please note that Edgar Salli, formerly of Cotonsport FC, is also part of the squad. The brilliant left-winger joined AS Monaco of France earlier this summer.

* I am personally missing several players in the squad, including attacker / winger Jacques Haman (born 30.08.1994) of Cotonsport FC and attacking midfielder Christian Toko Edimo (born 24.05.1993) of Renaissance FC.

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