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Olarenwaju Kayode is a Nigerian striker playing for the Ivorian powerhouse ASEC Mimosas and quite possibly the most exciting player in the “Ligue 1 2011”, the top level of the Ivorian football pyramid.

Kayode is born 08.05.1993 according to the official homepage of ASEC. The same date of birth is found on the official homepage of CAF (Confederation of African Football) and on the official homepage of FIFA . Despite having just turned eighteen, Kayode is quite an experienced youngster. He has experience from the Nigeria U-20 and the Nigeria U-17 national football team and is already an established member of the first team at ASEC.

Kayode is currently in top form. On 29.05.2011, Kayode scored a goal for ASEC when they crushed CD Primeiro de Agosto from Angola 4-0 in a play-off match for the 2011 CAF Confederation Cup. The goal, a clinical finish, is shown in this clip:

Few days later, on 02.06.2011, ASEC played their first league match in the “Ligue 1 2011”. ASEC won 1-0 against SO Armée and Kayode made the starting eleven and scored the only goal of the match. The goal, which proves that Kayode has some “fox in the box-qualities”, is shown in this clip:

Kayode was also in the starting eleven when ASEC won 2-0 against Séwé Sport 05.06.2011.

The first time Kayode made headlines was in 2008 when he played for an amateur club / academy club called “Marvelous FC” or “Marvellous FC”, based in the south-western Nigerian city of Ibadan. Kayode impressed during an amateur tournament called the “Afe Babalola Champions League Tournament” and Kayode was noticed by officials from the Nigeria Football Federation.

In January 2009, Kayode was rather surprisingly included in a preliminary squad of the Nigeria B national football team, preparing for a CHAN qualifier against Niger.

According to this source,, Kayode had a stint at the Red Bull Academy from the Ghanaian city of Sogakope during 2008 and 2009. I personally have trouble finding confirmation regarding this.

Later in 2009, Kayode was included in the final squad of the Nigeria U-17 national football team for the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup, played in Nigeria. Kayode was primarily a fringe player, starting one match and making five substitute appearances. He did not score any goals during the tournament but nevertheless made a great impression, mainly because of his working rate. ASEC Mimosas, arguably the best and most successful club in the Ivory Coast, was one of the clubs that noticed Kayode and he was brought to Abidjan, apparently in April / May 2010.

According to the official homepage of ASEC, Kayode was signed from a “Nigerian Academy” – not from the Red Bull Academy in Ghana. When Kayode played in the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup, almost every source stated he was a player of “Marvelous FC” or “Marvellous FC”. It could very well be that the contractual situation of Kayode has been somewhat confusing during between 2008 and 2010.

Kayode made his league debut for ASEC on 08.05.2010 against USC Bassam, in other words on his seventeenth birthday. Kayode played nine matches and scored two goals for ASEC during the “Ligue 1 2010”.

There seems to be a mistake at Kayode’s Wikipedia-article:

I don’t think it’s correct that Kayode played for AFAD Djékanou during the first part of the “Ligue 1 2010”. The link that apparently documents this,, merely states that Kayode was a newly signed player when ASEC played against USC Bassam on 08.05.2010 and against AFAD on 14.05.2010.

During the 2010 season, Kayode forced his way into the squad of the Nigeria U-20 national football team. Kayode started three matches and made two substitute appearances during the 2011 Orange African Youth Championship, played in April / May 2011. He scored one of the goals when Nigeria U-20 won 3-2 against Cameroon U-20 in the final match of the tournament. The goal, yet another clinical finish, is shown in this clip:

The full name of Kayode is “Kayode Olarenwaju Ayobami”. He is also known as “Olanrenwaju Kayode”, “Olanrewaju Kayode” or “Lanre Kayode”. “Olarenwaju Kayode” is the name used at the official homepage of FIFA.

According to the official homepage of ASEC, Kayode is 174 centimeters and 65 kilos. He primarily uses his right foot.

There are several articles on the internet suggesting that Kayode is not born in 1993, for instance this one:

Personally, I cannot see any reason to distrust the FIFA-confirmed date of birth of Kayode, 08.05.1993.

Kayode has been described as a “true fighter in attack” and a player with “remarkable speed and turning”. He is a lively and bustling center forward who effectively uses his physical presence. He is also described as a “skillful player with flair”. Basically, Kayode has all the qualities a top striker needs and if his talent is used wisely, Olarenwaju Kayode could very well have a great career in front of him.

The picture of Kayode and Cameroonian defender Banana Yaya is taken from Kayode is the player in the green shirt.


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  4. he is a good player i want to kn were he curently play. He play lk my mentor

  5. We have an offer for him the Qatar will he be interested to play?

  6. Keep it up bro

  7. Great talent a player for the future of naija.

  8. Does he have aagent and whats his market price?

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