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Unisport FC, from Bafang in the western parts of Cameroon, sensationally won the MTN Elite One in 1996. For the last couple of seasons, the club has been a mid-table side making few headlines. However, this season has been simply wonderful for the modest side and at the time of writing, Unisport FC is number two in the MTN Elite One 2010-2011.

Collins Maifanya (born 20.01.1991) is one of the most talented goalkeepers in Cameroon. Maifanya has been training with the Cameroon U-23 national football team the last couple of months. Maifanya was mostly on the bench last season but has been brilliant this year. Gabriel Nitcheu Ndessidji (born 30.10.1981) is the reserve goalkeeper but gets few chances these days.

Central defender Marcellin Gaha Djiadeu (born 24.03.1982) is the captain of the team and the leader of the defence. Gaha Djiadeu is a former player of Cotonsport FC and the experienced strongman has never been better. Gaha Dijadeu is forming a strong partnership with Charles Lobe Lembe (born 15.07.1987), signed from Matelots de Douala before the season, and Thierry Tonye Biheng (born 24.10.1987). Lobe Lembe was recently part of the Cameroon U-23 national football team. Tonye Biheng has been a key player at Unisport FC for years and is a former member of Cameroon B. Left-back Charles Bea Hob (born 24.09.1986), signed from Renaissance FC before the season, has been very consistent and forced his way into the Cameroon B national football team in 2010. Gires Tchamake (born 22.07.1990) is the regular right-back at Unisport FC. The defensive line, consisting of Maifanya – Bea Hob – Gaha Djiadeu – Lobe Lembe – Tonye Biheng – Tchamake, is one of the main reasons behind Unisport’s success this season.

Ghislain Sotejouong (born 16.04.1986) was part of the Cameroon B national football team for the CHAN-tournament in Sudan a few months ago. Sotejouong, formerly of Aigle Royal, is a versatile player often used at left-back / left-wing.

Marcellin Ngando Mbiala (born 27.02.1989) is the star midfielder at Unisport FC. Despite a strong focus on defensive duties he has scored four goals this season. Defensive midfielder Barnabé Patrick Atangana (born 04.06.1987) played for the Cameroon U-17 national football team in the 2003 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Midfielder Patrick Ghomsi Wafo (born 03.04.1988), formerly of Fovu Club and Union Douala, winger Joseph Kajo Kameni (born 21.10.1988) and Bertrand Owundi (born 19.03.1987) are other regular midfielders. Ghomsi Wafo and Kameni are experienced performers in the MTN Elite One and are important players for Unisport FC. Winger Alex Ngamou (born 15.01.1990) is a player to watch.

Striker Valentin Bertrand Biloa (born 12.06.1988) has been a revelation and is currently top scorer with 6 league goals. Biloa was presented in my post from 31.01.2011.

Bodjongo Albert Ebosse Dika (born 06.10.1989), formerly of Cotonsport FC and Cameroon B, Adamou Garba (born 29.05.1988), apparently from Benin, and Cedric Tamnet Ngankam (born 30.10.1993) needs to ease the scoring responsibilities of Biloa but have only two goals between themselves this season. Tamnet Ngankam is a very talented player.

Unisport FC has a rather good website: Many of the date of births presented above are taken from this site. The picture is of Ngando Mbiala (left) and Maifanya (right) and is taken from the website.


Young Sports Academy, from the town of Bamenda in northwestern Cameroon, is mostly referred to as YOSA. YOSA is a rather new and unknown team in Cameroonian football that are focusing strongly on the development of young, talented players. Jude Vernyuy Kongnyuy is perhaps their most famous player, a former professional in Algeria for USM Blida and a current member of Al-Ittihad from Syria. YOSA is currently number 11 in the MTN Elite One 2010-2011 and is fighting hard to avoid relegation.

First choice goalkeeper is Narcisse Odilon Bassilekin (born 20.09.1985), a highly regarded goalkeeper who was a regular player for Canon Yaoundé in 2009-2010. The experienced Thomas Kome is a great backup. Kome has been playing almost half of the matches so far this season but Bassilekin seems to have the upper hand at the moment. Captain Nivan Tewidikum Tah (born 09.02.1988) is the leader of the defence and was part of the Cameroon B national football team for the CHAN-tournament in Sudan. Martial Kout Daleng (born 18.06.1986) is the regular left-back and a very experienced performer, formerly of Bamboutos FC de Mbouda and Fovu Club. Other important defenders are Gilles Enamombel, Bruno Rodrigue Meuteing Tchakounte, Lawrence Bunyuy Siyen (born in 1989) and Emmanuel Ngheah.

Dooh Moukoko is one of the most valuable players at YOSA. The left-winger / left wing-back was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team in 2010.

One of the stars of the current team is Fernando Bongnyang (born 27.10.1986). Bongnyang was recently named in a rather exclusive list of local players who will participate in training sessions with a view to join the Cameroon national football team. As far as I know, Bongnyang is a defensive midfielder or defender. Midfielder Souleymanou Njayou Moulioum has been a positive signing from Tiko United FC. Late Jimoh is a talented midfielder who I am trying to find more information on.

YOSA kicked off their campaign with Arnaud Nsemen (born 13.01.1987) at the leader of the attack. Nsemen, with a reputation for scoring goals, failed to score for YOSA but is now starring for Chabab Rif Al Hoceima in Morocco. Striker Christian Deugoue started the season on a very positive note and scored four goals in the seven first rounds of the MTN Elite One 2010-2011. He seems to be out of favor at the time and the exciting Tagne Fotso has taken over as the star striker of the team. Sylvain Moumi Ne Tchamako is also a striker who has the potential to score more goals.


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