Posted by: westafricanfootball | 25/03/2011


* Edgard Salli, the talented winger from Cotonsport FC who I presented in my post from 09.10.2010, was the best player in the MTN Elite One in January 2011 according to Fecafoot, the Fédération Camerounaise de Football. Salli was described as a major hope for the future of Cameroonian football. According to Fecafoot, Salli is only 163 centimeters but he compensates his lack of height with blending technique and quality dribbles. Salli has scored two league goals during the current campaign, but his main focus is to provide crosses for strong striker Hilaire Momi (born 16.03.1990). Edgard Salli is born 17.08.1992 and I personally cannot understand why such a talented player is still playing in Cameroon. Salli was earlier this week added in the squad of the Cameroon U-23 national football team. Cameroon U-23 are preparing for an Olympic Games qualifier against Egypt.

* The promising central defender Maxime Mengue (born 14.04.1992) of Canon de Yaoundé, presented in my post from 30.01.2011, was also named in the squad of the Cameroon U-23 national football team. According to, Mengue has been one of the “Meilleur joueurs” (best players) in his last three league matches for Canon de Yaoundé. I am pretty sure that Mengue will be discovered by foreign scouts in a matter of months.

* 1994-born Marius Obekop Bedzigui of Renaissance de Ngoumou was presented in my post from 14.01.2011. In this post, I also described a stunning lob scored by Obekop against Caïman Douala on 19.12.2010. This wonderful goal can now be viewed by following this link:

* Alix Bertin Ondobo Ebanga (born 26.01.1990) is the captain and playmaker of Renaissance de Ngoumou. The skillful player already has five goals to his name and by following this link you can see his beautiful goal against Caïman Douala on 19.12.2010:

* Fans of Arsenal FC will perhaps remember the name Thierry Tangouatio. Two years ago, several media reports suggested that the English powerhouse were following the young, promising goalkeeper. Thierry Tangouatio (born 04.05.1992), formerly of Cercle Sportif d’Elig-Edzoa, is currently the first choice goalkeeper of Sable FC de Batié in the MTN Elite One. Tangouatio is a former member of the Cameroon U-17 national football team and has recently been training with Cameroon U-20. Earlier this week he was also named in the squad of the Cameroon U-23 national football team. Tangouatio is widely considered as one of the most talented goalkeepers in Cameroon and it is not often a 18 year old goalkeeper is first choice at a top level club in the country.

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