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Although Marius Obekop Bedzigui, mostly referred to as Marius Obekop, must be described as a very inexperienced player, even by Cameroonian standards, the statistics formerly screams that this is a young man to keep a close eye on. Obekop plays for unfashionable Renaissance de Ngoumou, a club from central Cameroon, but is also a key member of the Cameroon U-17 national football team. Obekop joined Renaissance from third level club Arsenal de Yaoundé FC in the early parts of 2010-2011 and has already forced his way into the starting eleven of the struggling club that are currently number 10 in the MTN Elite One, the top level of Cameroonian football. It should be mentioned that some sources report that Obekop joined Renaissance from second level club Avenir FC de Bertoua.

Obekop is born in 1994 and could be described as a versatile attacker, apparently with an excellent left foot. He is sometimes used as a playmaker.

I first noticed Obekop in September 2010, when he was starring for Cameroon U-17 against Lesotho U-17. Obekop scored one goal in the 4-2 win on 11.09.2010, apparently a beautiful lob from about 16 meters. named Obekop as one of two top performers after the match.

On 07.11.2010, Obekop was part of the Cameroon U-17 team that lost 0-1 to Mali in the first qualifying match for the CAN U-17 tournament. On 20.11.2010, Obekop was yet again in action when Cameroon U-17 lost 0-3 to Mali in the second match. In other words, Cameroon U-17 failed to qualify for the tournament that is currently taking place in Rwanda.

As far as I know, Obekop made his debut for Renaissance on 19.12.2010 against Caïman Douala. After only 20 minutes, he put Renaissance in the lead, interestingly with another stunning lob.

On 09.01.2011, Obekop starred for Renaissance when they beat Panthère Sportive 1-0. Obekop impressed with his dribbles, pace and skills and was named as one of two top Renaissance-players by, together with the brilliant captain Alix Bertin Ondobo Ebanga. Apparently Obekop won the penalty that lead to the only goal of the match.At the time of writing, Obekop has played only three matches at the highest level of Cameroonian club football. Of course, it is way too early to draw any conclusions but I personally have a strong feeling that this young man may have a bright future in the beautiful game.

The picture is taken from Obekop is number 10, standing at the right side of the front row.

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