Posted by: westafricanfootball | 16/12/2010


Sunshine Stars FC, a team based in Akure in the southwestern region of Nigeria, are the current leaders of the Nigeria Premier League. Sunshine Stars FC have several experienced players, including goalkeeper Henry Ayodele, right-back Ofem Inah, defensive midfielder Cletus Itodo, playmaker Ajani Ibrahim and towering striker Ukeyima Akombo, who have all received rave reviews so far this season. However, from my point of view, midfielder Emmanuel Sunday is perhaps the one player with the most potential in this strong side, which I predict will be a strong contender for the 2010-2011 title.

Emmanuel Sunday first made headlines in 2008-2009, when he played for Gombe United FC in the northeastern Nigeria. He scored two league goals during the season, but could possibly have scored one more goal. Towards the end of the season, Sunday was included in the squad of Nigeria B.

Sunday started 2009-2010 with Gombe United FC but switched to Sunshine Stars FC, widely considered to be a bigger team, early in the season. At this point, Sunday had already been included in the squad of the Flying Eagles, the Nigeria U-20 national football team. Sunday managed two goals for Sunshine Stars FC during the second half of the 2010-2011 season, but could possibly have scored one or two additional goals.

Last weekend, on 12.12.2010, Sunday scored a penalty goal, his first goal of the new season, for Sunshine Stars FC against his old club Gombe United FC.

Sunday is described as an “enterprising” and “dazzling” attacking midfielder who was one of the reasons Sunshine Stars FC will be playing on the continent next year. His vision and passes is crucial to his team, although he is maybe somewhat of an unsung hero.

The date of birth of Sunday is still unknown to me but I expect him to be born in 1990 or 1991, based on the sources I have.

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