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Earlier today I watched the match between Hearts of Oak SC and Berekum Arsenal. Moumouni Ouattara of Berekum Arsenal scored the only goal of the day. In this post I will write a short profile on some of the players that caught my eye.


Had a brilliant game in the central defense, most likely the man of the match. He was never caught off guard and was always in control of Uriah Asante and Edwin Osei Pele. Acheampong is a bit of a mystery man to me but I know he was an important member of the side during 2009-2010. Some sources actually say he is a goalkeeper, obviously confusing him with James Akwasi Acheampong, now with Liberty Professionals FC.


The right-back or central defender had a wonderful game, being almost arrogant at times. Osei Berko is born 13.02.1989 and played for Sporting Mirren in 2008-2009. He started his professional career at Zaytuna FC. Berko is born 13.02.1989 and according to my sources he is 185 centimeters and 85 kilos. He proved to be a strong, intelligent and burly defender.


I have seen Moro a couple of times this season and from my point of view he has not stood out yet. However, today I finally understood why young Moro is highly regarded by coach Paa Kwesi Fabin. Moro had a good game as a central midfielder and showed mobility, workmanship and accurate passes. He always looked for a way to penetrate the Arsenal-defense. Abubakar Moro is a utility midfielder and is born 07.08.1991 according to my sources. He played only a few matches for Hearts of Oak SC in 2009-2010, but has been fairly regular this season. He is also known as “Abubakari Moro”.


It may seem strange to write about a player that only had about 20 minutes on the pitch but I was really impressed by Afriyie Owusu, a petit and pacy right-winger who caused a lot of havoc when he was brought on. As far as I know, this was his first game for Hearts of Oak SC and what I really liked about him is how he showed no respect for the opposition and constantly challenged left-back Mohammed Basha. He also delivered some precise corners and crosses during his time on the field. Afriyie Owusu is a totally unknown player to me, but should he turn out to be a young player from the own ranks of Hearts of Oak SC, which I suspect, I will definitely follow him closely in the future.


The burly striker, who I presented in my post from 19.11.2010, was a real handful for the defenders of Hearts of Oak SC. Hard working, mobile and built like a rock. The commentators asked several questions on why he was not included in the preliminary Ghana B-squad for the CHAN-tournament. I have to agree with them.


Shaibu Adams (Berekum Arsenal)

Midfielder, born 10.07.1987. Did not play enough to show what he is good for.

Anthony Adarkwa (Berekum Arsenal)

The substitute played for about a minute. The midfielder is born 15.08.1989 and is a former player of Nungua United FC.

Collins Pele Adjei (Berekum Arsenal)

I must admit I did not see a lot of Adjei, besides his important contribution to the goal scored my Ouattara. Adjei played as an attacking minded right-midfielder. Adjei is born 03.03.1986.

Sammy Adjei (Hearts of Oak SC)

The full international goalkeeper had a rather quiet game. Karim Alhassan (Hearts of Oak SC) The strong central defender and captain was unfortunately injured during the first half. He seemed to struggle with Nana Poku and Moumouni Ouattara of Berekum Arsenal.

Akwasi Bobie Ansah (Hearts of Oak SC)

The right-back has been better but is always willing to join the attacks. Ansah is described as one of the hardest defenders in Ghana and has made the right-back position his own after joining Hearts of Oak SC from Kessben FC before the season.

John Antwi (Hearts of Oak SC)

Replaced Edwin Osei Pele and I personally feel that Hearts of Oak looked stronger with Antwi as the target man. He did however seem a bit uncomfortable with the ball at times but created more difficulties for Arsenal than Osei Pele managed to do.

Uriah Asante (Hearts of Oak SC)

The player who I presented in my post from 02.11.2010 struggled to break down the defence of Arsenal. He showed that he is a tricky player but have obviously had better games.

Thomas Tuah Asare (Berekum Arsenal)

The experienced goalkeeper kept a clean sheet but seemed somewhat shaky in the second half. He has been consistent for Arsenal for at least four years but has strong competition from Haruna Razak this season. Asare is born 17.03.1984.

Mohammed Basha (Berekum Arsenal)

A rather unknown left-back who I personally think had a good game. His understanding with left-winger Bennet Ofori was at times rather impressive. According to my sources, Basha is born 13.01.1988 and apparently played for second division club Unity FC before joining Arsenal.

Abdul Bashiru (Hearts of Oak SC)

Very lively at the left-wing but somewhat ineffective. I have seen Bashiru several times and it is obvious that he has qualities and potential and I think it is a matter of time before he blossoms. He seems like a typical “on/off” player to me. At his day, Bashiru is an excellent dribbler and a tricky winger.

Philip Boampong (Hearts of Oak SC)

The central defender struggled with the burly Arsenal-strikers and failed to impress. However, Boampong is an honest and consistent performer who could very well become a key player if Karim Alhassan and Godwin Osei Bonsu should leave in the next transfer window.

Godwin Osei Bonsu (Hearts of Oak SC)

Replaced Karim Alhassan in the first half and I personally think the defensive work of Hearts of Oak improved with Bonsu on the field. The highly respected central defender is linked to several European clubs at the moment, including Belgian club RC Genk.

Richard Osei Bonsu (Berekum Arsenal)

Central midfielder who had a rather quiet game although he worked very hard. Bonsu is a former player of Royal Knights FC, basically the farmer club of AshantiGold SC, and is born 18.07.1990.

Samuel Enzemoba (Hearts of Oak SC)

Had a rather quiet game at left back but showed a few times what a sweet left foot he has.

Douglas Nkrumah (Hearts of Oak SC)

Has been in great form the last couples of matches but the experienced midfielder failed to impress. Did not seem concentrated on crosses and set-pieces.

Abu Issah (Berekum Arsenal)

The defensive midfielder had a strong game and was loyal to his defensive duties. Issah is born 11.07.1989 according to my sources.

Tetteh Nortey (Hearts of Oak SC)

The defensive midfielder is to me somewhat anonymous but I am able to see that he does an important job, shielding the central defenders. He was elected as captain when Karim Alhassan had to go off.

Bennet Ofori (Berekum Arsenal)

Tall, hard-working left-winger who had a good game for Arsenal. Not always skillful but effective and important in the offensive play of Arsenal. Ofori is born 10.03.1989 according to my sources.

Dan Oppong (Berekum Arsenal)

The substitute was immediately thrown into war when Arsenal tried to hold on to their lead and Oppong had few opportunities to shine. He is an unknown player to me. I know that Hearts of Oak SC had a central defender called Dan Oppong in 2004 and 2005 but I’m not sure this is the same player.

Moumouni Ouattara (Berekum Arsenal)

The attacking midfielder or support striker had a good game but naturally disappeared in the second half when Arsenal had to defend. I have read some rave reviews about this player who still is a mystery man to me. His name is not Ghanaian and I suspect him to be from the Ivory Coast or Burkina Faso. Ouattara showed signs of blending skills and lots of creativity.

Edwin Osei Pele (Hearts of Oak SC)

I have never been very impressed by this highly rated striker and today he had a bad game. He does not seem like a center forward to me as he seems to prefer the flanks and rarely is in front of goal to attack the crosses.

Saliu Yakubu (Berekum Arsenal)

I always knew Yakubu was a brilliant defender and he confirmed this earlier today. The captain of the team, born 21.04.1983 has been playing for the Berekum club for at least seven years and is arguably their most important player. He started the match as a central defender but it looked like he played at right-back during the second half. An impressive performance from the experienced strongman.

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