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On 26.09.2010, I had the pleasure of watching Fuseini Nuhu, a striker playing for New Edubiase United FC in the GLO Premier League, score a beautiful goal against Hearts of Oak SC, showing razor-sharp finishing when he chipped goalkeeper Sammy Adjei in the last seconds of the game. Fuseini Nuhu has been on my radar for several years and according to fresh reports, he has just hours ago scored his fourth and fifth goal of the 2010-2011 GLO Premier League, against struggling Asante Kotoko FC. Now seems like a good time to present some statistical background information regarding this exciting prospect. 

I first noticed Nuhu in the 2005 Ghana Telecom Premier League, when Nuhu was playing for Real Sportive Tema. He scored at least one league goal this season, but could possibly have scored a couple more. He also played for Real Sportive Tema in the Onetouch Premier League 2006-2007. According to some sources, usually reliable ones, Nuhu also played for Power FC Koforidua during 2006-2007, which I think is a mistake. In the Onetouch Premier League 2007-2008 he played for Real Sportive Tema and experienced relegation for the first time in his career. I am able to document one league goal this season, it is however possible that he scored a couple more. In 2008-2009 he played at second level in Ghana for ambitious New Edubiase United FC, and won promotion. He was therefore back at highest level in 2009-2010, playing for New Edubiase United FC in the GLO Premier League. I am able to document three league goals this season, but it is possible that he scored a couple more.

The Wikipedia-article regarding Fuseini Nuhu is obviously wrong when it comes to goals scored. He has definitely not scored 23 league goals for Real Sportive Tema between 2006 and 2008. I also find it unlikely that he has scored 22 league goals for New Edubiase United FC since he joined them in the season 2008-2009. It is however possible that he scored several goals in 2008-2009 when New Edubiase United FC played at second level and won promotion to the GLO Premier League.

According to the FIFA Licensed Agency Yahana Consult, Fuseini Nuhu is 175 centimeters and about 70 kilos. His preferred foot is apparently his right.

The correct age of a player is often an issue in Ghana and I must admit that the information regarding Fuseini Nuhu is a bit confusing. According to the Yahana Consult, Fuseini is born 04.06.1989. This means that Fuseini was about 16 years old when he played for Real Sportive Tema back in 2005, which is no sensation and could very well be true.

In the middle of the 2009-2010 season, I was able to obtain a list of registered players in the GLO Premier League, and according to the list, Fuseini is born 20.06.1989, which is the date of birth I have also written in my post from 10.11.2010 “Observations and statistics from Ghana”.

The confusing part is however that Fuseini has a brother, Alhassan Nuhu, who is also a footballer. Alhassan Nuhu played for New Edubiase United FC during 2009-2010. According to most Ghanaian sources, the Nuhu-brothers are actually twins. It is therefore natural that Alhassan Nuhu’s date of birth is stated as 04.06.1989 according to Yahana Consult.

However, according to the Wikipedia-page of Alhassan Nuhu, he is actually born 15.09.1985. An older version of the website of Yahana Consult, currently a broken link, is used as reference. According to my own statistics regarding Alhassan Nuhu, he is actually  born 24.04.1985. I have written down “Prosport International” as my source and it is a fact that Alhassan Nuhu was previously listed as one of the athletes at A google-search consisting of “Nuhu Alhassan 1985-04-24” clearly shows that Alhassan Nuhu, a former player of Real Sportive Tema, is born 24.04.1985, and was once listed at this website.

In June 2006, a player called “Alhassan Nuhu” was named in a preliminary squad for the Ghana U-17 national football team. He was apparently from the Upper West Region in the northwestern corner of Ghana. The brother of Fuseini Nuhu, Alhassan Nuhu, was playing for Real Sportive Tema at this time. Tema is a city in the Greater Accra Region, southeast in Ghana. I have therefore no reason to believe that this “Alhassan Nuhu” is the same player as the brother of Fuseini Nuhu, but I could of course be wrong. It also seems somewhat unlikely that a player born in June 1989 would be included in a U-17 squad the same month he turned 17.

I don’t want to draw any conclusions based on the above. Fuseini Nuhu could very well be born in 1989 and therefore be 21 years old, but the information I have found is undoubtedly confusing. However, it is a fact that Nuhu is currently one of the best strikers in the GLO Premier League and that he has had a brilliant start to the 2010-2011 season, so far having five league goals to his name. Nuhu forms a dangerous striking duo with Stephen Manu, the former striker of Asante Kokoto FC, who is currently top goalscorer in the league with six goals. Manu is a lanky striker while Nuhu is a smaller and quicker type of player. Nuhu is mostly used as a center forward but I also know that he has been used as a left-winger. Nuhu is known for his working-rate and his ability to spice up the game with skills and tricks. He creates a lot of havoc for defenses with his pace and strength.

William Quarmine, who writes an excellent blog about football in Ghana,, named Fuseini Nuhu as “Forward of the month” in September 2010.

Strangely enough, Nuhu has never been named in any Ghana-squad (including A, B, U-23, U-20 and U-17 national football teams), as far as I know. He could however be a dark horse for a place in the Ghana-squad for the 2011 CHAN-tournament.

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