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Hilaire Momi has a reputation of being one of the best goalscorers in Cameroon, playing for champions Cotonsport FC from Garoua. Momi is from the Central African Republic and a few hours ago he scored a goal for his homeland against Algeria in a qualifier for the African Nations Cup. The Central African Republic won 2-0, which has to be the best result ever for this football-minnow in Africa. When the country played Morocco in September 2010, it was actually more than three years since their last full international match. The last couple of months have been somewhat of a football-revolution in the Central African Republic. Their new manager Jules Accorsi has recruited a couple of Europeans with roots from the Central African Republic, blending them in with the best players from the country, some of which are professionals in Gabon, Angola, Cameroon and Congo. Hilaire Momi is arguably the most important piece of this puzzle and probably the biggest star in his country, alongside Foxi Kethevoama, playing professional football for Hungarian club Kecskemeti.

Hilaire Momi is a very strong centre forward, about 185-187 cm tall, who possesses a great physical presence. Momi is born 16.03.1990 according to and a couple of other sources. This could very well be correct, based on his records for the U-17 national team of his country. His full name is Hilaire Romeo Verdie Momi.

Momi signed for Cotonsport FC before the 2008-2009 season, being transferred from his local club DFC8 from the capital Bangui. He scored eight goals in his debut-season for the Cameroonian giants, which made him top goalscorer of his side. In 2009-2010, he performed even better and I am able to document 9 league goals to his name. However, the scorer of 12 of the 50 Cotonsport-goals are unknown to me, which probably means that Momi scored a couple of more, at least that he reached double figures.

Momi scored for the U-17 national team of the Central African Republic back in 2006 and has actually scored 8 goals for the national B-team in three different CEMAC-tournaments (a West-African tournament usually comprising of the B-sides of Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Gabon and the Central African Republic), five in 2008, two in 2009 and one in 2010. I am able to document 5 full international matches and 2 goals – against Chad in 2007 and against Algeria earlier today.

I would recommend the following video,, showing some great examples of this player’s tremendous talent.

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  1. Øivind, pls, tell me, can I update his career with Derbaki FC 8 in 2007/08 season?
    Thank you. I need to know more about the Centrafrican footballers in Cameroon and Gabon. Every information from you is very appreciating.

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