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From 24.05.2012 to 03.06.2012, the Cameroon U-20 national football team will participate in the Cape Town U-20 International friendly tournament. Last week, the Fédération Camerounaise de Football published a list of 28 players who are considered for the tournament. 18 of the players are playing in the MTN Elite One 2012. In this post, I will give a short presentation of these players.


Club: Union Douala

DOB: 10.09.1994

Position: Midfielder

* Ane was signed from the Friendship Academy in Douala before the MTN Elite One 2012. He is already an established member of the first team at Union Douala. The lanky midfielder was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team in 2011.


Club: Canon Yaoundé

DOB: 02.01.1993

Position: Attacking midfielder / Left-winger

* Atouba Emane is arguably the star of the squad. The youngster is key player at Canon Yaoundé and can be described as a hard-working and creative midfielder. He has scored twice so far this season. Atouba Emane has experience from the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

The following clip shows some of his qualities:


Club: Renaissance FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Striker

* Bassilekin has been one of the revelations of the MTN Elite One 2012, having scored six league goals so far this season. However, I must admit that I was surprised to see his name in the squad as the following clip from Youtube suggests that Bassilekin is 26 years old:

Obviously, the clip could be wrong and personally, I think it is strange that I cannot find any information about a player who is reportedly 26 years old. It is just as likely that he is a talented youngster and in any case, Bassilekin is obviously a quality striker.


Club: Unisport FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Attacking midfielder / Striker

* Unisport FC signed the petit Eloundou from AS Fortune, based in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé, before the MTN Elite One 2012. During 2010 and 2011, Eloundou was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team. He has scored one league goal so far this season.

The picture is of Eloundou and is taken from


Club: Unisport FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Goalkeeper

* When Collins Maifanya joined Panthere Sportive after the MTN Elite One 2010-2011, Kerrido became first choice goalkeeper at Unisport FC. Kerrido has never looked back and some experts have likened him to legendary goalkeeper Joseph-Antoine Bell.


Club: Renaissance FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Defender / Midfielder

* Libiih, most likely born in 1994, joined Renaissance FC from the All Sport Academy in Yaoundé. The current season is Libiih’s second at top level of Cameroonian football. Libiih has played regularly for the Cameroon U-17 national football team in 2010 and 2011.


Club: Cotonsport FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Striker

* To be honest, Manga Mbah is a completely unknown player to me. Manga Mbah was officially registered in the Cotonsport-squad for the CAF Champions League, suggestion he is a promising player.


Club: Union Douala

DOB: 01.07.1995

Position: Striker

* Mbaï is still a fringe player at Union Douala but he is highly regarded and definitely one for the future. Mbaï is a natural goalscorer known for clinical finishes. He is a product of the Eugène Ekéké Academy. Mbaï was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team in 2011.


Club: Cotonsport FC

DOB: 13.03.1993

Position: Striker / Winger

* Mbongo Ewangue, a speedy and athletic attacker, is one of the star players in the preliminary squad. He plays regularly for Cotonsport FC, the top club in Cameroon, and has already featured for the Cameroon B national football team. Mbongo Ewangue starred for the Cameroon U-20 national football team during the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup.


Club: Renaissance FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Striker

* To be honest, I did not know that Mohamadou had joined Renaissance FC. Mohamadou is a product of Fundesport from Douala, also known as the Samuel Eto’o football academy, and was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team in 2011. As far as I know, Mohamadou is highly regarded in Cameroonian football.


Club: Unisport FC

DOB: 18.05.1993

Position: Central defender

* Moukap has been a fringe player at Unisport FC this season, mostly because of competition from great centre-backs such as Marcellin Gaha Djiadeu, Charles Lobe Lembe and Thierry Tonye Biheng.


Club: Union Douala

DOB: Unknown

Position: Goalkeeper

* Mfombam Mounchili is the new first choice goalkeeper at Union Douala, signed from APEJES FC de Mfou before the current season. Mounchili was training with the Cameroon U-23 national football team last year.


Club: Sable FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Midfielder

* Ndongo is a rather unknown midfielder at Sable FC. He has featured regularly this season.


Club: Astres Douala

DOB: Unknown

Position: Left-back

* Talented left-back Nyamat has been able to force his way into the first team of Astres Douala in his first ever season at top level of Cameroonian football.


Club: Canon Yaoundé

DOB: Unknown

Position: Central defender / Right-back

* Onana Ndzomo has been a revelation for Canon Yaoundé this season and is already an established member of the first team.


Club: Renaissance FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Right-back

* Owono Mbassegue is a former player of AS Fortune, based in the Cameroonian capital Yaoundé. He has also been an important player at the Cameroon U-17 national football teams for the last couple of years.


Club: Sable FC

DOB: Unknown

Position: Striker

* Frantz Pangop, a rather unknown striker, has scored one league goal for Sable FC this season.


Club: Cotonsport FC

DOB: 12.10.1994

Position: Left-back / Left-winger

* Moussa Souleymanou is a very quick, tricky player who loves to challenge defenders with his speed and dribbles. Souleymanou was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team in 2010 and is widely considered to be one of the biggest talents at Cotonsport FC. According to trustworthy sources, several top clubs are already following the left-sided player. Souleymanou is a rather small player, apparently about 165 centimeters.

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Ocean Boys FC is currently fighting hard to avoid relegation from the Nigeria Premier League 2012. It has been a poor season for the club, based in the city of Brass in Southern Nigeria, but midfielder Ugonna Ezenwaka has been able to shine in his first ever season at top level. At the time of writing, Ezenwaka is arguably one of the most exciting prospects in the league.

Apparently, Ezenwaka started his career at amateur clubs Fame FC and Anambra United FC. Ezenwaka starred for 36 Lion FC during the season 2010-2011. 36 Lion FC, currently playing at second level of Nigerian football, is based in Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria. In October and November 2011, Ezenwaka was part of the Nigeria U-23 national football team.

Ezenwaka joined Ocean Boys FC, the 2006 league champions, before the Nigeria Premier League 2012. Ezenwaka made an immediate impact and he is currently an important member of the team, already having two league goals to his name.

In April 2012, Ezenwaka was named in the squad of the Nigeria U-20 national football team.

Earlier this month, Ezenwaka scored a free-kick goal when Nigeria U-20 played a 1-1 draw against the Nigeria B national football team in a friendly match. On 16.05.2012, Ezenwaka scored yet again from a free-kick when Nigeria U-20 played a 1-1 draw against Lobi Stars FC in another friendly match. Ezenwaka will most likely star for Nigeria U-20 during a friendly tournament in Cape Town, South Africa, later this month.

According to, Ezenwaka is born 18.01.1992. In other words, Ezenwaka has already turned 20 and 2012 is most likely the last year he is qualified to play for Nigeria U-20. According to the same source, Ezenwaka is 178 centimeters and 78 kilos. At the webpage, he is described as a “powerful and strong midfielder” who us “very aggressive on the field” and plays “with great effectiveness”.

Ezenwaka has also been described as a hard-working player who can play both as a defensive midfielder or an attacking midfielder. I believe Ezenwaka is more of a fighter and a “workhorse” than a “playmaker” kind of player. He is obviously an expert from set-pieces, apparently using his right-foot. At the time of writing, Ezenwaka is rather unknown outside of Nigeria but I expect that to change sooner rather than later. His versatility and his eye for a goal should make him attractive for foreign scouts.

Ezenwaka has a Facebook-profile:

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching the game between champions Asante Kotoko FC and struggling Bechem United FC. It was actually one of the best games I have ever seen from the GLO Premier League. Surprisingly, Bechem United FC took the lead through a wonderful shot from Reginald Asante after poor defending by the Kotoko-defenders. Kotoko reduced the score when Augustine Okrah crossed from the left and found Ahmed Touré in front of goal. The Ivorian striker scored an easy tap-in goal. A few minutes later, the enterprising Augustine Okrah scored one of the best goals I have seen all season. Okrah won the ball about 30 meters from the goal and scored through a thunderbolt shot that went straight into the net, hitting the cross-bar first. Quite possibly the goal of the season. In the second half, Ahmed Touré scored his second of the evening when he followed a long goal kick from goalkeeper Isaac Amoako and lobbed over the out-rushing goalkeeper Maxwell Fiifi Eshun. A wonderful finish from Touré. Bechem United FC fought their way into the match, first through a strong header from Reginald Asante after a clinical cross from the impressive left-back Rashid Abdul. Asante became a hat-trick hero when he scored 3-3 through a penalty goal. Daniel Nii Adjei showed yet again what an important player he is, scoring the matchwinning goal about 15 minutes from full time.

Asante Kotoko FC played with their backup goalkeeper Isaac Amoako (born 20.08.1983). Amoako conceded three goals but should not be blamed for any of them. Amoako seemed confident and made a few great saves, showing that it is way too early to write him off. I find it rather obvious that Amoako would be first choice goalkeeper at most top level teams in Ghana.

The impressive Yaw Frimpong (born 04.12.1986) played at right-back while Gideon Baah (born 01.10.1991) played at left-back. Both players are modern-style full-backs with attacking qualities and an impressive work rate. Baah has made an impressive return to the first team after struggling with injury for about a year. The central defensive pair of Mohammed Awal (born 01.05.1988) and captain Henry Ohene Brenya (born 04.05.1985) is widely considered as the best in the league, but I was not too impressed this afternoon. Both players looked somewhat shaky and were not up to their regular standards.

Kotoko played a 4-5-1 formation with Augustine Okrah (born 18.09.1993) attacking from the left-wing and Richard Yeboah (born 26.09.1984) attacking from the left. Afranie Yeboah (born 05.05.1988) played as a holding midfielder, allowing Daniel Nii Adjei (born 29.09.1988) and Michael Anaba (born 05.12.1988) to roam free. Okrah has had a difficult season after joining Kotoko from the Red Bull Academy, playing only a handful of matches. Yesterday, Okrah showed what an amazing talent he is. Okrah is a petit, quick player, at his best in a free role behind the strikers or as a classic winger without too many defensive obligations. Okrah has a brilliant left-foot, is a great dribbler and his first half was simply top class, having one assist and scoring a wonder goal. Here is a clip showing a few glimpses of Okrah:

Okrah was replaced with David Ofei (born 07.06.1989) during the second half. Ofei fought hard on the left-wing.

Richard Yeboah had a rather quiet game at the right-wing, struggling with Rashid Abdul at the left-back of Bechem United FC. Yeboah, usually a pacy, hard-working winger, was replaced with Frank Boateng (born 17.08.1984). Boateng, the experienced central midfielder, was able to take control over the midfield with his strong passing and great overview.

I am pretty sure that Afranie Yeboah is the kind of player that would do very well in my local league, the Norwegian. Yeboah is disciplined, works hard, defends well and always seems to choose security over entertainment. Yeboah is the kind of player every team needs, although he rarely catches any headlines. Daniel Nii Adjei is a brilliant midfielder who controls the ball like few other players in Ghana. Adjei sometimes reminds me of Frank Lampard of Chelsea FC. Both players also share the ability to be at the right place at the right time, scoring a considerable amount of goals. Adjei scored his fifth league goal of the season. Michael Anaba should be thrilled after a wonderful first season at Kotoko. I have seen Anaba better, but he is a very skillful and intelligent player.

Ahmed Touré (born 17.07.1987), the Ivorian star player, played as a lone strike and scored his seventh and eighth goal of the season. Touré worked hard and had tough defenders guarding him, but thanks to his pace and strength, he was able to score two great goals. Touré looked sharp all afternoon and I hope he will soon win the professional contract he desperately wants and definitely deserves. Iddrisu Nafiu (born 12.06.1986), the strong centre forward, played a few minutes as a substitute but I was not able to see who he replaced.

I feel sorry for the hard-fighting Bechem United FC. The club played with Maxwell Fiifi Eshun in goal. Eshun is usually backup goalkeeper for Ransford Kudjoe but showed that he is an agile goalkeeper despite conceding four goals.

Their left-back of Bechem United FC was Rashid Abdul while Godfred Ofosu (born 21.01.1989) played at the right side of the defense. Abdul is one of my favourite left-backs in the GLO Premier League. Abdul is a tall, strong full-back with a cultured left-foot and a dangerous long-throw. From my point of view, Abdul is actually one of the best attacking players at Bechem United FC. Ofosu had a poor game by his high standards, struggling with the lively Okrah. Captain James Yaw Papa Yeboah and Maxwell Mensah (born 04.10.1985) played in the heart of the defence, having a hard time controlling Ahmed Touré. Mensah is usually a very confident central defender who has been a key performer this season.

Theophilus Apoh (born 30.04.1985), formerly of Hearts of Oak SC, played at the central midfield together with the talented Evans Osei. Apoh is a strong, hard-tackling player while Osei is a tricky and creative player who I think can reach far. Abraham Annan (born 08.12.1988) had a very quiet game at the left side of the midfield while the usually brilliant right-winger Peter Essien was rather average. Essien has been linked to several Ghanian top clubs during the season. The picture is of Essien and is taken from Ghanasoccernet. Annan was replaced with the burly striker Eric Fordjour (07.08.1988) who made a good account of himself, impressing with his strength and power.

Essien has perhaps been the most exciting player at Bechem United FC this season, alongside top striker Richard Addai (born 27.07.1986). Essien was replaced with striker Adamu Issah.

Addai, top scorer at the club with 11 league goals, worked hard and gave room for his new striking partner, the experienced Reginald Asante. Asante, a much-travelled attacker, was a trialist at Polish club GKS Belchatow in 2007 and apparently had a stint at Vietnamese club Quan khu 4 in 2009. According to some sources, Asante was part of Liberty Professionals FC during the GLO Premier League 2010-2011, but I am not able to document any games played. Asante scored a wonderful hattrick, scoring once with a powerful shot, once with a strong header and one clinical penalty goal.

I am not sure but I think central defender Bismark Yaw Osei made a substitute appearance as well.

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* ABS FC has apparently signed Jean Parfait Konan, an Ivorian central defender, from the Kwara Football Academy.

* Abdulrahman Bashir of ABS FC, a petit, hard-running striker with a massive work-rate, has scored six league goals so far this season, forming a dangerous striking pair with Andrew Abalogu. Abalogu, who was signed from Abia Warriors FC before the season, has scored five goals in his debut season at top level of Nigerian football.

The picture is of Bashir and is taken from SuperSport.

* Goalkeeper Jonah Usman of ABS FC, also signed from the Kwara Football Academy, was recently named in the squad of the Nigeria U-17 national football team. Usman is most likely 16 years old but has nevertheless made his top level debut during the Nigeria Premier League 2012.

* Akwa United FC has signed striker Meshack Chukwubuikem. Chukwubuikem played for Shooting Stars FC during the Nigeria Premier League 2009-2010. In October 2010, Chukwubuikem was a trialist at Danish outfit Esbjerg fB. He played for Egyptian side Smouha during the season 2010-2011.

* Sarafa Usman, a midfielder, has been in great form for Akwa United FC this season. Usman is a former player of Sunshine Stars FC and Kwara United FC.

* Earlier this month, I wrote about Hamza Ikenna Onwuemenyi of Akwa United FC who was recently named in the squad of the Nigeria B national football team. I wrote that Onwuemenyi is a right-back, born 04.04.1988. I have recently discovered that Onwuemenyi is a former player of Gabros International FC and on their former homepage, Onwuemenyi was described as a defensive midfielder, born 30.03.1990, with “marking and passing ability” as his major strengths.

*Ghanaian striker James Amankwei (born 09.11.1987) and Ivorian striker Boris Konan failed to break through at Heartland FC and Rangers International FC, respectively. Both strikers have recently joined Dolphins FC. Dolphins FC could need a free-scoring striker as their current top scorer is Ghanaian Owusu Addai (born 04.02.1985) with only four goals.

* Enyimba FC has signed versatile attacker Ifeanyi Okoye (born 06.01.1990) from Warri Wolves FC.

* Gombe United FC has signed goalkeeper Timothy Unachukwu who played for Niger Tornadoes FC last season. Unachukwu will fight with veteran goalkeeper Ahmed Yusuf for the number one shirt. Other new signings include defender Ola Ogundele from second level side Zamfara United FC, central defender Maurice Chigozie from Jigawa Golden Stars FC and the versatile Tunde Aremu from Wikki Tourists FC.

* Midfielder Abubakar Nazim of Gombe United FC scored his first ever league goal on 09.05.2012. Nazim played for Bukola Babes FC last season.

* Emmanuel Mathias (born 03.04.1986) is a right-back with several full international matches for Togo. Mathias joined Heartland FC earlier this season but has yet to establish himself in the first team. Mathias has played professionally for Hapoel Petach Tikva (Israel), El-Gawafel de Gafsa (Tunisia) and Espérance Sportive de Tunis (Tunisia).

* I believe Heartland FC has signed Emeka Ogbu (born 22.02.1990) from Campos FC, an amateur football club based in Owerri. Ogbu is a powerful centre forward, apparently 186 centimeters tall.

* Playmaker Rabiu Ali and centre forward Mohammed Gambo (born 10.03.1988) have both eight league goals to their name at the time of writing. The brilliant Ali is a good tip for the “NPL Player of the season-award”.

* Ocean Boys FC is experiencing a mass exodus of players. Top striker Emmanuel Enize and promising winger Chiamaka Madu have both joined Sharks FC and will be sorely missed. Central defender Dengo Ebinipere (born 10.06.1990) has apparently joined Dolphins FC.

* Struggling Rising Stars FC has signed a few experienced players lately, including Ado Mohammed, the former striker of Shooting Stars FC.

* Shooting Stars FC has signed a couple of players to improve their poor season, including Christian Kelechi from Rising Stars FC and attacker Gabriel Adikwu from Lobi Stars FC.

* Francis Nnedum (born 23.06.1988) has been a revelation at defensive midfield for Warri Wolves FC this season. Nnedum is a former player of Gabros International FC.

* Alaba Johnson (five league goals) and Abubakar Umar (four league goals) have been sensational for Wikki Tourists FC this season. I have just learned that both Johnson and Umar were signed from Jarma FC, an amateur side from Kano in Northern Nigeria.

* Sunday John Bosco Okoh (born 22.11.1985) is the new goalkeeper at Wikki Tourists FC. Okoh is a former player of Enyimba FC.

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The Njalla Quan Sports Academy, based in the seaside city of Limbe in the South-West Region of Cameroon, is one of the promoted teams in the MTN Elite One 2012. The academy, which focuses on talent development, is currently number 13 in the league, struggling hard to win points against their more experienced opponents.

Sadjo Sodea (born 01.02.1983) is first choice goalkeeper and one of the most experienced players in the squad. Sodea played for Scorpion FC during the MTN Elite One 2010-2011. Franklin Esambe Ekolle and Martial Meyangue are backup goalkeepers. Meyangue was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team in 2010.

Njalla Quan has retained several inexperienced players from the squad that won promotion last season, including Denis Ngweni Ngasi (defender) Derrick Pkwai (defender), Ronald Lakem Lane, Alex Tchaguen, Edmond Sigala, Paterson Ajong Fogha, Frédéric Kwedi Elombo (attacker), Georges Mooh Djike (striker) and Frankline Metuge (born 17.06.1988). Metuge, a striker or right-winger, has a reputation for scoring goals in the lower leagues of Cameroonian football. As far as I know, Metuge and Mooh Djike scored the most goals for Njalla Quan last season. I believe the talented Mooh Djike was top scorer of the two.

Two key players from last season, Sylvestre Bell (born 31.12.1991) and Stanley Ekema (born 11.08.1987), have top level experience and are important players. Bell, formerly of Astres Douala, is a key player at defensive midfield, while Ekema, formerly of Tiko United FC and the Young Sports Academy, have a more attacking role in the midfield.

Njalla Quan has also signed a couple of players with top level experience before the current season.

Ransom Etengeneg Akangmba (born 11.03.1990), primarily a right-back, was signed from Tiko United FC. Akangmba was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team in 2010. Romuald Monthe (born 19.08.1986) is a central defender with plenty of experience from the Young Sports Academy and Unisport FC.

On paper, Joseph Marie Gaël Foé (born 10.04.1989), formerly of Canon Yaoundé and Collins Tabot Orock (born 13.05.1988), formerly of Union Douala, Tiko United FC and Cotonsport FC, are perhaps the two players with the most impressive CV in the squad. Foé, primarily a midfielder, has done well but Orock, an attacking midfielder, has yet to stand out.

Joseph Yanki (born 27.11.1993) and Fabrice Kerdy (born 11.02.1992) are perhaps the most exciting prospects at the club. The lively striker Yanki was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team earlier this season, together with teammate Robert Ndip Tambe. Kerdy was part of the Cameroon U-17 national football team during the CAN U-17 in Algeria in 2009. Watch out for attacker Charles Zeh Nghie. The picture is of Zeh Nghie and is taken from

Njalla Quan has signed several players from the MTN Elite Two 2010-2011 or even lower leagues, including Marc Eric Mbia (defender) from Lion Blessé de Foutouni, Julien Aimé Bako from Tonnerre Kalara Club and Noël Bendegue (attacker) from Achille FC.

List of scorers so far this season (9 goals):

Frankline Metuge 2, Joseph Marie Gaël Foé 1, Fabrice Kerdy 1, Frédéric Kwedi Elombo 1, Ronald Lakem Lane 1, Georges Mooh Djike 1, Charles Zeh Nghie 1.

A goalscorer against Unisport FC on 18.03.2012 is currently unknown.

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Benjamin Eli Agbeko of Mighty Jets FC is arguably one of the most exciting prospects in the GLO Premier League 2011-2012. Mighty Jets FC, based in the Ghanaian capital of Accra, is currently struggling to avoid relegation from the top flight. Despite playing for a rather poor team, Agbeko has been a shining light. A few days ago, Agbeko was linked to Ghanaian top club Asante Kotoko FC, who recently became league champions.

Agbeko is a product of the Unistar Soccer Academy, also based in Accra. As far as I know, Agbeko is still contracted to the academy, having signed a loan deal with Mighty Jets FC before the current season. According to M&M Consulting, Agbeko is born 18.05.1995 and will therefore turn 17 in a week. According to the same source, Agbeko is 178 centimeters and 75 kilos.

Agbeko is a versatile player, mostly used as a left-winger or as a striker. He has played regularly for Mighty Jets FC this season, sometimes making substitute appearances.

Agbeko played about 10 top level matches before he was named in the squad of the Ghana B national football team. At the time of writing, Agbeko is part of the Ghana U-20 national football team.

Agbeko has scored one league goal, on 21.03.2012 against Tema Youth FC.

Agbeko is described as a “playmaker”, “a dynamic, energetic” player with “strong tactical experience” and a “very good dribbler”. I have seen Agbeko a couple of times and can confirm that he is an excellent dribbler. I have also noticed that he is a lively player with great speed and a brilliant left-foot. Agbeko has stood out for Mighty Jets FC this season, alongside great players such as Musah Inusah (central defender), Jacob Kwao (midfielder), Emmanuel Laryea (full-back, midfielder), Tamimu Muntari (winger) and Abubakar Sidi Soufian (striker).

The following clip shows a few of his qualities:

The picture of Agbeko is taken from M&M Consulting.

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Scorpion FC, currently rock bottom in the MTN Elite One, is the “baby brother” of Garoua, the capital of the North Province in Cameroon. Cotonsport FC, the best club in Cameroon, gets most of the attention and more importantly, most of the talented players in the region. I have taken a closer look at the team who will struggle hard to avoid relegation this season.

Charlie Ekoa Kouma is the first choice goalkeeper of the team. Ekoa Kouma was backup goalkeeper at Canon Yaoundé last season.

The defence is centered around veteran Georges Eyidi Banimb (born 23.10.1979) and Paul Sarwissi. Telli Tchoanfine Padé, who was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team in 2010, is also an interesting central defender. I believe Souleymanou Dori, formerly of Danay Yagoua, and Charles Matakon are regular full-backs.

Eyidi Banimb is one of several players signed from Ngaoundéré University FC before the new season. Ngaoundéré University FC was relegated last season and the leaders of Scorpion FC have done well to sign some of the best players from the club, including Kalba Bebdang, Moussa Saïdou and attacking midfielder Oumarou Sanda (born 06.11.1982), formerly of Cotonsport FC. Especially Saïdou has done well and is now an established player. Pierre Fanguargue (born 31.12.1980) and Eric Toukour are both important midfielders.

Scorpion FC is sorely missing their top scorers from last season. Ismaël Mamane from Niger travelled to Hassania d’Agadir (Morocco) and Patrick Naï joined YOSA. Abdouraman Siddi and Moussa Nassourou (born 17.04.1985) will have to score more goals if Scorpion FC shall retain their top level status. Nassourou scored 11 goals for Cotonsport FC in 2007 and played top level football for Roumdé Adjia FC in 2009-2010.

André Ngon did well for CNIC-UIC de Douala at second level last season but has yet to score for his new club.

List of scorers so far this season (7 goals):

Pierre Fanguargue 2, Moussa Nassourou 2, Abdouraman Siddi 2.

The goalscorer against Union Douala on 14.03.2012 is currently unknown. 

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Aigle Royal de la Menoua, mostly referred to as Aigle Royal, is currently number 12 in the

MTN Elite One 2012. The league, consisting of 14 teams, has reached the halfway mark and Aigle Royal, based in Dschang in Western Cameroon, will most likely face a struggle to retain their status as a top level side.

Aigle Royal has traditionally been good in developing talented players. Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at their current squad.

Aigle Royal has two goalkeepers fighting for the number one shirt – Jaguar Kilama, sometimes referred to as Benjamin Kilama, and Leonard Ngam. As far as I know, Kilama, formerly of Astres Douala and Tiko United FC, is the most experienced. Kilama was preferred at the beginning of the season but Ngam seems to be first choice at the moment.

Abdoulaye Alingar, formerly of Achille FC from Yaoundé, is a central defender and one of the players who have stood out. Francois Ndongo Mpessa is a central defender who has been captaining the team several matches. It is currently somewhat unclear to me if this is the same Mpessa who played for the Cameroon national football team in 1997 and played professionally in South Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia. If so, Mpessa is 33 years and one of the oldest players in the league. Another experienced player is defender Richard Ngote (born 15.07.1984), formerly of Sable FC.

From my point of view, one of the most interesting players in the squad is full-back Joël Sandriel Boheu, who was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team in 2010, playing for third level side FC Yaoundé II Formation. The following video shows a few glimpses of his quality:

I know that Boheu has been awarded “Meilleur Joueur”-awards in a couple of matches this season and I believe it is fair to say that Boheu is one of the key players of Aigle Royal. Yannick Gaël Ntonme, formerly of Tiko United FC, is also a key player in defence.

Aigle Royal recently signed Thierry Nyangoua, formerly of Unisport FC and Panthere Sportive, to beef up the defensive line-up.

Lenekourman Baidam (born 02.04.1984) is one of the veterans of the team, often playing as a defensive midfielder. Baidam was mostly used as a striker at his former clubs, including Cotonsport FC, Espérance de Guider, Douala AC and Roumde Adjia FC.

Strongman Rodrigue Djithe and Baba Oumarou (born 04.11.1986), who has top level experience with Canon Yaoundé and Sable FC, are important players in midfield.

Attacking midfielder Wilfrid Etondo, formerly of YOSA, was part of the Cameroon B national football team in 2009. Etondo decided to travel to the Republic of Congo, starring for Diables Noirs from the Congolese capital of Brazzaville. Etondo made the first eleven for Aigle Royal in the first match of the season, but I have not seen him feature ever since. I don’t know if Etondo has left the club or if he is injured but normally, he would be a key player for the team.

Gautild Monsio Abissama (born 11.03.1991) has been one of the revelations of the seasons and the former player of Achille FC is currently top scorer at Aigle Royal with three league goals. David Mpouma is an experienced striker, formerly of Union Douala, who has mostly been used as a substitute. The picture is of Mpouma and is taken from

Landry Nguene and Nana Arnaud Njeukou are two other attackers who have mostly been shooting blanks this season. Nguene, formerly of Ngaoundéré University FC, was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team earlier this year. Njeukou is a former player of Union Douala and Matelots de Douala.

Aigle Royal recently signed experienced attacker Alain Rodrigue Djomou (born 22.10.1985), formerly of Panthere Sportive, and Alassane Mongbet, formerly of Union Douala.

Victor Kueti Edepan, Pascal Achille Mvogo Ngono, Brian Tata and Kemjou Tamatieu are three important players who I struggle to find information about. Tamatieu was part of the Cameroon U-20 national football team earlier this season.

List of scorers so far this season (9 goals):

Gautild Monsio Abissama 3, Abdoulaye Alingar 1, Joël Sandriel Boheu 1, Alassane Mongbet 1, Pascal Achille Mvogo Ngono 1, Nana Arnaud Njeukou 1, Yannick Gaël Ntonme 1

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Goalkeeper Loïc Maxime Feudjou has been nothing less than a sensation since joining Cameroonian giants Cotonsport FC before the start of the MTN Elite One 2012. It’s not often a young goalkeeper makes such an early impression.

Feudjou started his career at Botafogo FC from Douala, currently playing at second level of Cameroonian football. In June 2011, Feudjou was named in the squad of the Cameroon U-23 national football team. Botafogo FC was playing at third level of Cameroonian football in the season 2010-2011.

According to unconfirmed sources, Feudjou has been a trialist at Spanish side Real Zaragoza. He has also been linked to several French clubs.

In December 2011, Feudjou was signed by Cotonsport FC. The flagship of Cameroonian football also signed Jean Efala Komguep from Fovu Club, widely considered as the biggest goalkeeping talent in the country. Most experts of Cameroonian football had thought Efala Komguep would fight for the number one shirt with Nigerien international goalkeeper Daouda Kassaly. However, Feudjou was selected for the first match of the season and has never looked back, establishing himself as the regular goalkeeper with several clean sheets and match-winning saves. Cotonsport FC has currently played 13 matches, having only conceded five goals. Feudjou has played most of these matches, probably at least 10 of them. As a result of Feudjou’s dominance, Efala Komguep is unsettled and apparently looking for a new club.

In February 2012, Feudjou was rather sensationally named in the squad of the Indomitable Lions, the Cameroon national football team. At the time, Feudjo had played approximately five games at top level of Cameroonian football.

On 25.03.2012, Feudjou made his debut in the CAF Champions League 2011 against Dolphins FC of Nigeria. Feudjou saved a penalty and his performance was described as “outstanding” by MTN Football. Cotonsport FC advanced to the second round, playing away to Berekum Chelsea FC of Ghana on 29.04.2012. Feudjou made another wonderful performance and kept a clean sheet, making several decisive saves.

Feudjou is born 14.04.1992 and has therefore turned 20 years old a few weeks ago. According to Camfoot, usually a reliable source, Feudjou is 182 centimeters and 74 kilos. In other words, Feudjou is rather small for a goalkeeper. Feudjou’s major strength is his cat-like reflexes and quick reactions. Feudjou’s shot stopping is brilliant and his good positional sense and judgement makes him an all-round goalkeeper. Apparently, Feudjou was initially an outfield player, suggesting he is good with his feet and a good ball player.

My biggest concern is obviously that Feudjou could lack the height to play in a tough European league – although that does not seem to be a problem to goalkeepers such as Iker Casillas of Real Madrid, who is also 182 centimeters.

Feudjou is very athletic and a true professional. He seems very sincere and reflected in interviews I have read. I find it rather obvious that Feudjou is a rare talent and if it is developed in the right way, he could be a future star of Cameroonian football.

The full name of Feudjou is “Loïc Maxime Feudjou Nguegang”. The picture is taken from Lechabba.

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* At the time of writing, Rangers International FC is leading the Nigeria Premier League 2012. Even though the Enugu-based club has been impressive, I have always thought they could use more power up front as top striker Chikeluba Francis Ofoedu is not a typical target man. Earlier this month, Rangers signed stongman Ifeanyi Ede (born 05.12.1990) from Enyimba FC, possibly to create more space around the tricky Ofoedu. Ede failed to break through at Enyimba FC and has scored only once for Peoples’ Elephant this season, apparently during seven appearances. Ede scored seven goals for Enyimba FC during the Nigeria Premier League 2010-2011,

Ede made a goalscoring debut for Rangers when they won 3-0 against Gombe United FC on 29.04.2012. Ofoedu was also on the scoresheet, scoring his ninth league goal of the season, making him joint top scorer in the Nigeria Premier League 2012 together with youngster Mustapha Babadidi of Gombe United FC. Babadidi has been struggling with injury for the last couple of weeks. Hard-working striker Efe Yarhere scored the third goal of the match, also his third goal of the season.

* Right-winger Chinonso Okonkwo of Enyimba FC and the already mentioned Ofoedu will be strong candidates for the “Newcomer of the season-award” as both players are enjoying their first ever season at top level of Nigerian football. Okonkwo was signed from second level side First Bank FC before the season and his performances have been spectacular. Okonkwo is one of the quickest players at the club and has excellent dribbling skills. Okonkwo, who can also play as a striker, has scored four goals so far this season.

* I only recently found out that Enyimba FC has signed Paul Onobi (born 27.12.1992), formerly of Warri Wolves FC and Niger Tornadoes FC.

* In Stanley Dimgba, Kwara United FC has made one of the best signings of the mid-season transfer window. Dimgba, primarily a left-winger, was one of the bright spots at Plateau United FC last season, scoring twice for the relegated side. According to some sources, Dimgba scored on his debut for Kwara United FC on 28.04.2012 against Wikki Tourists FC. Other sources claim the goal was an own goal scored by Wikki’s brilliant captain Mustapha Ibrahim. Defender Ibrahim and strikers Alaba Johnson and Abubakar Umar are three players to look out for at Wikki Tourists FC.

* Akwa United FC, currently number six in the league, has been the surprise package so far this season. The club has several quality players, including goalkeeper Olufemi Thomas (born 05.08.1989), central defender Monday Osagie (born 31.12.1989), defensive midfielder Solomon Jabason and versatile attacker Ini Akpan. As far as I know, these four players have been essential to the success of the team.

The picture is of Solomon Jabason and is taken from SuperSport.

* Watch out for Fuad Ekelojuoti at Ocean Boys FC. The attacking midfielder is one of several young, promising players signed by the struggling club during the mid-season transfer window.

* I have previously written about Moses Bunde of Lobi Stars FC and described him as a striker. As far as I know, Bunde has lately been used as a central defender – with great success. As far as I know, Bunde has yet to turn 20 and he is definitely a wonderful talent.

* After a somewhat shaky start, goalkeeper Dele Ajiboye (born 07.08.1990) is now the established number one goalkeeper at Shooting Stars FC. Ajiboye, who made one appearance for Pontevedra CF, a Spanish third level side, during 2010-2011, has played several impressive matches for 3SC this season.

* I believe Kaduna United FC has signed right-winger Ndubuisi Nkoro, formerly of Heartland FC. Nkoro will bring valuable experience to the young side.

* Attacking midfielder Abdullahi Shehu has been a revelation for Kano Pillars FC. Shehu, who was recently named in the squad of the Nigeria U-20 national football team, joined Pillars from Plateau United FC before the season.

* Right-winger Gomo Onduku of Sharks FC is currently in top form, having scored four league goals during March and April 2012.

* Yesterday, central defender Shehu Majama’a (born 13.11.1989) of Wikki Tourists FC was named in the squad of the Nigeria B national football team. Hamza Ikenna Onwuemenyi (born 04.04.1988), who I believe is playing as a right-back for Akwa United FC, was a surprise inclusion in the squad.

 * It has been a rough season for Rising Stars FC, currently rock bottom in the league. However, several players can hold their heads high for the newly promoted side, including goalkeeper Moruf Olasupo, defender Adeniyi Adekunle, Clement Jonah Ayanfe, Philip Ede, captain Alaba Fadoju and top scorer Kayode Agboola (four goals). I won’t be surprised if some of these players sign a contract with bigger clubs during 2012.

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